Stormer IFV (LAV-25)

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       Stormer IFV (LAV-25) 

Vehicle design history:

The origin for this particular Stormer IFV derivative is rather more interesting than the standard fare compared to its numerous ilk, though just like the majority of the stormer IFV projects this one would never see adoption. The Stormer with LAV-25 turret was a rather sly attempt by Alvis to get more publicity for their new CVR(t) platform, as at the time The US Military were looking for an armoured vehicle to equip the Marine Corps. This Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) was to give their formations better mobility, whilst also carrying sufficient firepower to deal with enemy targets.

Due to this requirement the US Defence Department put out a tender in April of 1981 to 20 separate companies requesting two vehicles on a shared chassis, one fitted with a 25mm m242 bushmaster cannon, the second with a 90 cockrill gun. Sensing an opportunity to market their new platform Alvis put forward the proposal of two of the existing package options for the Stormer, that being the Cockrill 90mm gun, a vehicle that would later be known and exported as the Scorpion 90 and a trio of Stormers fitted with the Arrowpointe 25mm Two-man turret, in order to demonstrate its capacity to carry different armaments.

Alvis had no real intention of winning this export contest instead using it for publicity, as by the time tenders were put out the US Military was rather set on the idea that the vehicle that was to be adopted needed to be a wheeled armoured car. There was some discontent within the armed forces though, and Alvis was allowed to present and trial their wares in order to silence the minority that were stubbornly clinging to the idea that the vehicle had to be tracked in nature.

This meant that both the Cadillac and GM options were more appealing, so it was little surprise that the GM showing based on the MOWAG Piranha would ultimately win, and an order of just shy of 1000 would be requested in 1983. Due the the fact Alvis Ltd. had entered the contest with Vehicles they already intended to market for export this was no large set back, and they would find moderate success with the Scorpion 90 selling around 80 to Venezuela along with a contract to Malaysia and another to Indonesia giving an overall production run of about 130 vehicles. The IFV tank that was exhibited was not so lucky, as thought it was demonstrated multiple times, to a wide number of clients, it did not garner any real interest, and like the rest of the Stormer IFV’s from this period quietly forgotten.

Vehicle specification:

Mass 12.7 tonnes

Length 5.27 m

Width 2.76 m

Height 2.49 m

Crew 4

Engine Perkins 6-litre, 6-cylinder diesel 250 hp (186 kW)

Power/weight 21 hp/tonne

Transmission David Brown T300

Suspension Torsion bar

Operational range 400 miles, 650 km

Maximum speed 50 mph, 80 km/h

Turret specifications:

Additional photos:




It would be a funny vehicle depending on ammunition selection.
I can see there is an optional stabiliser and TOW launcher so it would either be a IFV similar to the Bradley or Warrior, or the BTR or Ratel 20.
A stabiliser, APFSDS, and a TOW launcher would make it a good replacement for the warrior at 8.7 or above.

good replacement for the warrior

This is a vehicle made for the US army, it isn’t going in the British tree…

+1 as an IFV (with TOW-2) between M3 and M3A3

I want it regardless, but I’d love it with the TOW launcher and APFSDS. Britain needs more IFVs desperately! +1

EDIT: Yes I realize this was meant for the US, but I feel like Britain could use it more. Perhaps both?

It wasn’t made for the us army, they just trialled an existing option for the stormer platform, its the equivalent of saying the scorp 90 was made for the us army


According to the suggestion, it literally was, along with the suggested vehicle - they were built for a US competition, and the suggested vehicle should therefore be in the US tree, seeing as there is no other user.

Entering a pre-existing design into a competition doesnt mean it was made for the compotition, its like saying the chally 1 was made for oman XD

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Having a selectable armament would be pretty cool. But +1 for the smol boi.

Most of the Stormer IFV’s have a selectable armament option, like the helio turrets can go from a 50cal to a 25mm, but like most things they are generally only fitted with one for show purposes. The arrowpointe turret had the option for a tow launcher, and though the brackets are there i dont think one was ever fitted.

Also i find it somewhat amusing that the version of this vehicle Alvis showed up with for teh LAV trials had all its external hull equiptment ripped off, and a wading screen fitted, as if that would improve the vehicles fording ability XD

I also think it is worth noting that the version exhibited for the american LAV program differed quite a bit visually from the one that Alvis was wheeling around at their shows, as the one presented at said shows was a more refined rolling demonstrator, unlike the more bare bones one shown off at the LAV competition, as seen in the photos on show in my suggestion

Using your logic American shouldn’t be allowed any British made stuff mate

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