McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet: Canadian Fury

Since RAF line get SA JAS39, it’s good for Naval line to get new top jet.


My guy south Africa is a sub tree we can get what ever they use and two why does Canada belong to the Americans three we will have a gap in our naval line in which it can fit and two what does weapons have to do with anything

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Plus if it go to the US it would become an unattainable event vehicle. It wouldn’t in the UK.

For the CF-18 to come into the game best order would be:

  1. Canadian tech-tree (Tech-tree plane)
  2. UK (90% chance of tech-tree plane)
  3. US (100% Unattainable event vehicle)

it would add nothing to the US tree
The Uk tree it would fill a gap

A canadian Tech Tree or joint commonwealth tree (Canada, Australia and New Zealand) would be ideal

Another option is to change britain into a CANZUK + SA mega tree but that seems like a far stretch

Id say unless either of those happen the CF-18 should go to britain so canadians can actually enjoy their main fighter


it would be wasted as an event plane


Hence it is listed as an Unattainable event vehicle.

Compared to the other two being called Tech-tree planes.


Well, a Canada tree without help is possible I’ve been liking the idea of it being set up so it could get an ANZAC sub-tree down the line. The closet we could get to a “Commonwealth tree” with what little rules we have figured out.

IMO should’ve been canzuk without SA needed.

I wouldn’t take it to heart. That guy wants everything in the US tree and nowhere else.

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Oh excuse me for wanting US planes to stay unique to the US.

All of you british mains are so entitled and constantly try to completely ruin the point of individual tech trees just so you can have every vehicle in yours. I am absolutely opposed to that and will fight it everywhere I see it.

With the addition of the JAS-39 to Britain, there is zero reason for an F-18 to exist in the British tree, as they fulfill a very similar role.

Either way, not a single F-18 has anything to do with Britain, certainly not weapons like the AIM-9X, which would be incredibly unfair for Britain to have one of the best short range missiles that isn’t even used by them or has anything to do with them, while ALSO having the ASRAAM.

you know ASRAAM is better then early aim 9x and it wouldn’t make Britain unfair if it had it and if that a really big problem for you their is always the Aussie F/A18 that used ASRAAMS

you will get a F/A18 and many other nations will get them Us is the least unique nation if you want a nation that unique play France

They can fill a gap we will have in our naval line and would be a good early AMRAAM carrier until the EFT

Also looks very British in this photo

Continuing the discussion from General Dynamics F-111K Merlin: The Vark goes British:

Also you seem to be very biased as you believe a British made vehicle on a platform the British used shouldn’t go to the British as the Americans are the ones who considered it which completely goes against the argument you are trying to make that the Uk shouldn’t have any US vehicles.
Like you say the US should get a modified stormer made for them and the uk shouldn’t but when its a Us vehicle modified by the British no it can’t be added to uk as it would take away from the US


I mean that’s a lie



Yeah their was talks as using F/A18s as a stop gap until the F35B

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This seems to be going off topic and I don’t want the suggestion getting taken down, so could you please either end the argument here, or take it somewhere else please

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i will stop don’t worry

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Fun fact some of the later CF18 were originally RAAF F/A18s that were sold to Canada


For those who are arguing for the US tree. You are arguing to screw over the Canadians. By further separating our stuff.

Also, the F-18 won’t be unique to the US tree. It will also go to Sweeden through the Finish sub-tree.

As I said before: “If you didn’t want your stuff in other tech-tree you should have sold them to so many nations.”

And if you want to have a unique nation play france

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No brainer addition in the same update as the F/A-18A.

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