Stormer HVM, worst 10.0 AA?

I’m almost done researching it. Tried it in the test drive and idk if I’m using it wrong or what. I can’t get kills in the test drive, idk how it would fare in a real match. How do you get this thing to work?

You aim at the target just like any SACLOS or beamrider the only downside is the missiles phasing through aircraft which is a recurring bug that gaijin still hasn’t fixed

Has been partially fixed, but seems to be a lot worse if you have even mild connection issues

The Stormer HVM is best suited for anti-heli. It can be good vs planes, but you will struggle against things moving perpendicular to you especially if its within 1-3km. For taking out aircraft, you ideally need to catch them whilst they are flying straight at you or away from you. You can just about manage aircraft moving perpendicular though at longer rangers about 5 or 6km but does take practice.

Though it does become a LOT easier to use when you have TVD unlocked and you can see the missile in flight. We are also awaiting some other buffs to it, like IFF.

Partially fixed isnt really a fix if it still happens on a regular, it was labelled as fixed 2 years ago and nothing changed, then again it does seem like constant with british tanks to go years without major bugs being fixed the challenger 1 for example can still be ammo racked by shooting the sabot in the turret which has been a bug since the vehicles were added 6 years ago.


I’ve yet to experience any phasing since the partial fix. A few maybes but just as likely that I missed. It is a hard SPAA to use, there is no doubting that.

As for the Challys. yeah… Though we’ve beaten them into submission on that front, though it does keep yoyo-ing on the dev server. Apparently had a Mantlet as good as the Leopard 2A7V and now might be back to what its like on live. I’ve not been able to test it personally, nor have I been following that closely today…

So progress is finally being made. Just at a snail speed

Rolands at 10.3 are far more shit

Rolands are pretty garbage but at least for the US you have Chapparel as an alternate SAM as well as LAV-AD.

No proxy on the stormer