Stormer HVM Starstreak phases through air targets

Stormer HMV Starstreak missiles constantly phase through Helicopters and Jet’s even when clear as day the missile should be hitting the target. This is even apparent on stationary helicopters. This issue has been documented many a time if you read back through the forum but also search on YouTube. Why has this not yet being sorted, the Stormer is extremely frustrating to play, making for a horrible experience due to neglect of an over due issue. The Stormer is basically un playable at this rate. It’s also documented that the Stormer can be equipped with the Marlet missile, could this no be a quick and easy alternative fix while the starstreak gets reworked, thus allowing the Stormer to actually be playable while Warthunder addresses the issue?

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Welcome to Britain!


Put the kettle on! You’re going to be in for the long haul.

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They could fix britains anti air situation by adding the tracked rapier, or the sky sabre, or easiest of all, giving the stormer the martlet missile. Why they do none of these things boggles the mind

We only just got them to look at Chally.

It’ll be another 5 years before they look at Stormer.

Sky sabre would be nice. Excessive, but nice.

only 5km more than the pantisr lol, just as balanced imo

But you see, it is British. This means that, like France and Italy, it can’t be added because we’re not allowed anything fun.

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Also it has no search antenna, that is also a thing, but it would be f&f

they debated that on the old forum

it has an electro-optical search unit similar to the one on the stormer

Nope, it has a tracker, not search. The tracker is used to launch and feed the data to the missile while in the stand alone mode. The bigger one is a data mast that connects launcher to the command/radar and to the missile

The green dome is a data mast, the camera is a tracker mast. There is no search device (for the record im not counting tracker as a search device. When i say search i mean a devce that looks in a cretain area for targets and display them (giraffe radar in the sky sabre), tracker is what lock on a target and follow it)
using the stormer, the camera on the mast is equvalent to this
while there is no

I always thought that dome thing was a radar, not a datalink, good to know though.

That actually gives me an idea though, gaijin could still give the land ceptor a radar screen and handwave it as “it’s getting it from a separate radar that’s being connected via the datalink”

I had a funny idea it could parasite from other friendly spaas
And the Giraffe is 120km 3D pesa radar

the real question is what can be handwaved away for the sake of gameplay? Perhaps gaijin would decide to model the datalink antenna, functionally, as a radar?

I can promise you, they will just go yea nah and do not give is search radar

watch them annoy everyone and make datalink attached giraffe radar a tier 4 modification

Make them data mast not connect to CAMM, so you are throwing them blind untill they turn their own radad on

whatever they do, I hope they do it quick, I just had my starstreaks phase through an F5 and an SU-39

That is why i diched Stormer (and im trying to get LMM for it) for the sake of either ADATS or ZA