Stormer HVM is no longer a usable vehicle

Stormer HVM has received so many nerfs disguised as reworks that its BR is not only terrible but irrelevant too. It can’t fight all the 10km helis it faces with a 7km missile, which has a 3km+ deadzone because of how much drag you’ve introduced to the missile and then amplified across multiple updates. It is no longer usable, and should either be removed or needs a critical rework because it is currently a deadweight AA on a nation that is already lacking AA across many BR brackets.



It’s been broken since it was introduced. They just don’t care.

Then it requires a massive rework then, because it is completely useless as it stands.

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The most urgent fix, is the missile going trough the target without doing damage, but that an issue that also seem to be happening with other missile, and the close range performance

As I said in my previous post, it was broken since it was introduced and GE just doesn’t care about fixing it.

So yeah, it needs a massive rework since just about everything about it is broke, from targeting to tracking and weapons. Been this way forever now, I wouldn’t hold my breath on a quick fix.

It happened before but only on the Stormer. Got fixed after a few months of bug reporting. Guess it’s back now for every SPAA.

It wasn’t as broken back in the day. It was always finnicky but had some use. Now it has such a colossal deadzone and is so impossible to turn the missile in time that it has zero use in the game.

I recall a time some years ago when it worked. Every now and then I try it and it’s been useless for several years now.

Indeed. It used to kind of work, but required some practise. Now, it just doesn’t work at all. Anything but a static target flying straight and more than 3km away is unable to be hit because the missile cannot align in time and has way too much drag. Then you face helis that are 10km range, and you can’t hit them but they can hit you, which makes it quite literally useless in its intended role.