Storck Grind in 13.0 since fox3´s are added

As with update … Seek and destroy ´´ came FOX-3 missiles and it changed a top tier experince a lot in terms of grind / spading / stockgrind, I got an idea.
What if developers gave every stock FOX-3 missiles (like 2 or smth) fot planes, which can carry them and they are 13.0 . Because the pain of stock grind with just 2 IR guided missiles against planes, which can carry like 6+ fox3 missiles is unimiginable.
Thats it

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Then be a good snail disciple and pay so that you don’t have to experience the painful grind.

I’m actually serious. It’s an FTP game that generates money this way.

If you don’t like that, you have to look for another game.

I think they should also add F18 with AIM-120C as a premium. Since this is FTP game, it needs to generate money.

It’s not even a stockgrind thing anymore, having to get parts or FPE is annoying but only a few games, stock HEATFS is painful, but not having chaff, fox-3s or a competitive airframe in any way is just sadistic, you are entirely outclassed and unable to compete, that’s just unplayable.

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