Stop uptiering me!

Unlocked VBC (PT2) and how i am suposed to get its mods? playing 10000 games with simply dying or hunker down and try to spot some at least? this is redicolous why does uptier even exist?

Spawning on maps where everyone has thermals and armor i cant do nothing against.

So why does uptier exist? how is it suposed to work with the “night maps” feature? i played top tier 50 matches and not a single night match. Going down to BR 9 just for the Italy grind and i get constantly uptiered to BR 10 wth?

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Bro the br system is not exsist.

The highest you could be up-tiered to is 9.7 Vehicles are being down-tiered to 9.7.
If this isn’t happening then you are being down-tiered to 8.7 and that’s it. Now you ask “What about on tier?”. On tier, I hardly know of such words.

You can’t have downtiers without uptiers.

I do agree that the matchmaker needs work, mostly in the amount of times you can be uptiered. At some BRs you are in a permanent uptier which is not fun.

Decompression is the solution to this

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the ZTZ96A is BR 10 and my OFL Premium is 9 so it doesnt makes sense what you re saying, i have BR 8 to 9 in my line up so how come i face this tank?

There’s a shit tonne of premiums at 10/9.7 around right now after the sales. As of now 9.0 is constant uptiers due to these numbers, my advice? Ignore it for now and let the premium dust settle.


Ok which is it the VBC (PT2) or Type-96A?.

mm takes your highest playable vehicle’s br and uses that. If you have 4 2.0 tanks and 1 9.0 tank, you can face 8.0-10.0 tanks.

Low tier = FUN tier

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Its not because of uptiers. You unlocked new vehicle and you suck in it. Happened to all of us…

Hahaha u r so funny. Yea of course i must suck with a stock BR9 against a BR10 ZTZ…should have at least 5 kills of those each match before dying…man cant even hurt its tracks! Yea of course because of stock ammo but even with the APDS later its david against hulk!

First time?

To make a poorly designed game work.Well,work to a degree.I guess that is debatable.

I guess those defending the tier system are simply defending a mistake or rather a symptom of poor design.It is compounded later on by the mix of eras and remains the only true thing that I still loathe about Warthunder. All the other annoying aspects I have come to begrudgingly accept.I won’t list them all and go off topic.

A good player being down tiered runs away with the game on so many occasions and by such a wide margin it’s ridiculous.When I see somebody get 12 kills to the runner ups 3 or 4 I think “Cheat” and study the replay but it’s always a down tier seal clubbing.

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Finally at least one points this out. i have top tier nations and mostly play them because i cant get uptiered. so having a BR9 lineup with this probaility having 90% uptiers its a joke playing it after all!

I do be now a 1 death leaver on every match, i am not buying this BS.

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Siriously, playing Italy at BR 9 and try to spade the T72 is plain molesting the playerbase. Litarally every match iam uptiered. for what reason i should try to grind the Leo with the 110% plus RP with that tank=? i am cripled in grinding not to mention get anything done in 1 week of playing. So why is it there this “BR compression”? because i would wait 20 seconds for a game insteat of just click join and and get insta loading screen? let us players have a choice, let me turn off BR compression and take in account i probably have to wait longer and for others who wnat to rush through shitty uptiered games fine leave it on! i cant stand it anymore! this isnt a positive game expirience having each match a suprior army steamrolling me!