Stop trying to kill steal with missiles. You’ll most of the time only hurt yourself

So, this is confusing to me. Multiple times today, I have been cleaning up an enemy that is on fire since some gobshite always likes to chase down the burning enemy into the ground or try to missile them to get that precious extra silver.

Well, this doesn’t stop them that I am right behind the burning enemy using some extra ammo to destroy him to make sure I get the rewards. However, they decide the best course of action is to fire a missile at the burning enemy. While I am behind the enemy.

Every single time someone has done this, they end up teamkilling me and they don’t even get any rewards for killing the player because they decided to shoot a missile from the 2nd row and get surprised when it hits a teammate and not the burning enemy.

Just stop, It’s that simple. Stop trying to kill steal with missiles as not only do you harm your team by prioritizing the dead enemy vs prioritizing the very much do alive enemies who can kill you because you are so dead set focused on killing an already dead enemy, but you also have a VERY high chance of teamkilling as the teammate who killed them is likely right behind then trying to secure the kill.

Think before firing a missile in general. Think about if there are teammates infront of you. You wouldn’t shoot your guns if a teammate is infront of you to kill an enemy. Don’t do it with your missiles.

for the pars 3 its easy - i shot the missle on a tank. you drive in this time 300 meters and you kill that tank and stand near by you dead. and i vcan nohting do :(