Stop pairing Russia with USA non-stop

Most GRB matches are some form of USA with Russia. This is pairing the most potent ground force, Russia, with the nation that has the most potent CAS roster. This is insane, the matches are always a mismatch of completely ahistorical stuff, so why does Gaijin keep pairing these two synergistic nations? Reeks of more bias.

The nations these two typically face are nations with non-existent lineups+ Germany. Sweden, France, Japan…these countries have massive holes in SPAA capability. So mix it up more with nations as long as they have devolved into ahistorical schizo matches.


Just introduce mixed matches. The arbitrary Axis vs Allies just doesn’t make sense at this point of the game, and might as well get rid of ‘single’ nation teams all together, and just mix everyone up, with attempts of balance.

Would be more fair than now, even if not perfect by any means

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That would be great, but currently Russia is matched with USA A LOT!.

I’ve been seeing some of this new matchmaking at top tier, I also see a lot of Russia/Germany/China matchmaking among other combinations as well, I don’t get wjat’s so special about this specific combo.

Still, as a common USA player at top tier, I cam’t complain about having the Kamovs and BVMs on my side :)

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It’s the people in the squad that combine all nations + Russia on the toptier.
The nerf of all AA made it possible to fly over the battlefield with impunity and be out of range of AA of other nations than Russia, which makes people not want to play anything else or against Russia so they combine it with other nations. Personally, until the AA nerf, I played everything and had a lot of fun, after all AA got a severe nerf and Russian planes and helicopters can fly and murder the land with impunity and you have no way to react to it because Russia has the best AA in the game, it’s even hard make a flight counter. As long as Russia has AA capable of killing enemy aircraft and aircraft capable of murdering enemy AA will do whatever it wants with impunity. This is their treatment of complexes in a computer game. Nothing new.


After so much accusations of Russian bias particularly against USA (myself included), I wonder if they decided to pair up Russia with USA more often, to make it seem like hey you’re on the same team now quite a bit so no bias? I don’t know just a thought. I have noticed it’s more often now too, the past week or 2.

And yes I’ve also noticed it’s always been a lot of Russia /Germany /China together. As if they are recognized to be the “bad guys” of the world so “let’s put them together”. I’m just assuming that’s Gaijins point of view. Not sure what else the reasoning would be, because they are grouped together a whole lot. But, I’ve also noticed a lot of teaming up between Japan and UK, often along with USA and France and Israel etc. So I don’t know maybe it all is just random. But there is a lot of Russia /China /Germany vs the whole world. So that must be on purpose because it’s so often.

Note: I am speaking of top tier myself just to note here.

The peak irony I have with Russia is as follow;

75% of the time I fight Russia.
90% of those matches fighting Russia, I lose.
25% of the time I have Russia on my team.
95% of those matches with Russia on my team, I lose.

Somehow, I more often than not get the IvanBoos that are so awful at this game that not even the Bias code can help them.


Yeah, I get a lot of the same, I remember yesterday I was playing my T-80UK lineup, I don’t have top tier Russia yet, but imo the squadron T-80, a BMP2m, and a Ka-50 is a solid top tier lineup.

I got 10 kills in the T-80UK by holding W, cleared all enemies on a flank, and then my team still managed to lose.

Whenever I play aginst Russia, it turns into Russian and Chinese mbts camping spawn, or worse, match start spawn camping Ka50s that instantly guarentee a win unless I 1st spawn ADATS or something similar and the kamovs are unaware.


I don’t care what tanks beside but only the players because regardless of tanks it all comes to the player who drive in it. Example: lvl 100 in Leopard 1 tank vs lvl 20 in T-80UK in AB/RB and still the Leopard 1 beat the T-80UK because they lvl 100 player has more experience and knowlegde then the lvl 20 player.

The simple reason why that combination of nations overperforms the most is that they dont suffer from ahistorical nerfs or are even given ahistorical/technical buffs that both of these nations simply dont need. For example the 2S38 has no limitation on APFSDS, HE-VT or its optical tracking while being a “delete anything in that general direction”-vehicle. Alternatively why doesnt Germany have its Skyranger yet? Same as the weird balance in terms of munitions as these two nations get them while other nations dont or with severe limitations.

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That specific combination doesn’t overperform any more or less than any other combo of nations with Russia in the mix. The only way to improve the potency of the team would be to remove USA from the mix and just have mono-Russia/USSR.

USA as far as I can tell doesn’t have any ahistorical buffs, and has quite a few arbitrary nerfs/inconsistencies placed on it’s vehicles, like with the majority of nations in the game.

Having Russia on your team is a pretty surefire way to tell whether or not your team is going to win at the highest levels of ground RB, with the exception of a large number of low level/skill players spawning in a single, easily accesible vehicle such as the T-80UK or 2s38 and then leaving the match without significant contributiom.

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I’m not sure which vehicles you’re referring to in regards to your comment on being given buffs the nation doesn’t need - Give me an example for USA because it’s one of my top played nations and while some vehicles are at a BR that may be alittle too comfortable for them - With twice as many vehicles overtiered - There’s not one vehicle given an ahistorical buff that allows it to blatantly overperform.

As for Russia - Well, we got lists for them and that’s why so many people would be happy if the nation was just outright removed since Gaijin doesn’t know how to not make them overperform.

Lets start with the LAV-AD having the Hydra pod it never fielded, .50s having three times the firechance than 30mm mineshells, .50s overperforming penetration over range, Shermans exceeding the stabilizer threshold by 10kph, having a whole belt only M23, .50 Universal Incindiary round acting as HE round, P-59 sitting 1.3 BR´s below its contemporary counterparts, best firerate shell/belt composition/muzzle velocity and chemicals for their ordinance, shall i continue?

Well i really missed old team pairing it more balance than what we have now
This is not WoT that randomly mix every nation on the same team might work for WoT but not in WT

Just make it NATO vs USSR+China past 7.0, I’m sure russian bias will help them do well aganst every other nation combined. :D

Ya bruh, USA should be paired with Ukraine. That’s how we do it dog.

That’s why RB should be like AB, you have russians, american, germans, british, swedish, chinese, italians, and Israelis on the same team!