Stop adding (sub) tech tree

A very large portion of players will not understand this…but i don’t care.
The objective reality is not a matter of preference and taste.
Adding more and more national tech trees and sub tech trees is what is destroying beyond repairs this game.
The game’s strong point was the unique play-stayle that every major nation offered.
Now this uniqueness is getting more and more destroyed just to satisfy the nationalistic appetites of players…nations like Sweden, Italy, and now France, United Kingdom found themselves filled up with everything.
Everything has become a free for all arcade style.
Why on heart this kind of choice should be advocated?
Instead of putting vehicles in the nation which owns the designs, player prefers this awful mash up where everyone gets everything…and for what??? Just because “ugh but i want my nation to be rappresented!”.
Keep your nationalistic appetites out of this game!!!
Of course Gaijin will never consider to not follow this path becuse it can grant income more easily…Sadly this is coming at the cost of destroying the very identity of this game…
Again so many people are so prone to attack Gaijin for their choice…and maybe they are right in some ways becuse they preferred quantity over quality so many times in this regard…but maybe the main problem again and as always resides in so many players that want this game to satisfy every childish wishes that they could crave in their childish minds…



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Thank you for the very in-depth arguments. Sure a very nice debate can come out of it 😏❤️

Check out here.
Instead of bitching that “your nation” isn’t special with unique op vehicles


The problem here isnt subtrees, its copy paste.
I see subtrees as an opportunity to add unique vehicles that a tt is missing to solidify key lineups but lately its just been a copy paste fest to add meta vehicles

South Africa and Hungary (ground vehicles) were great examples. They added unique vehicles to their nations making them overall stronger and offering different play styles that their base nations needed.


Copy pasting will eventually happen for main nations… will y’all complain about 3 nations with the Eurofighter? or (if that point is ever reached) all Nato nations having the same 5th gen?


I don’t t have any desire about “my nation” (fist becuse i don’t give a f**k about that) becuse i apply my reasoning to every nation…this is just how the game used to be. So I’m not actually bitching for something that i want but for something that actually existed for every nation in this game.

well… i’m… i’m just saying: your own post.

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There was once a time where if you wanted to play a Mig-21 you would have needed to start reaching for it in the soviet tech tree…or if you wanted to play with a leopard, then the german tt. Nobody force you to play a certain nation if you don’t like what it has to offer on a certain br. And this fact has never been a problem in terms of matchmaking…

I don’t mind facing the same vehicles if every nation actually own it. I do mind facing nations with veichles that they do not posses…

Boo hoo, War Thunder continues to expand to be a military vehicle simulator with a huge variety of vehicles like it has always aimed to be. Not to mention vehicles such as Mustangs, Shermans, T-34s that have been in multiple trees since launch. If you want all trees to have no shared anything maybe you should try World of Tanks, that’s got plenty of fictional vehicles to fill development gaps and really unique nations!

im not saying copy paste is bad but its been too excessive lately and they are tying to cover it up by hiding it.
*Brand new subtree for Italy. Looks inside. Copy Paste soviet tree with Gripen.

we’ve barely gotten any new unique vehicles this year and they keep on feeding us reused content over and over eventually ruining the flavour of things.

Look at Italy, they have 2 tornado’s , an F16 , a MIG-29, a harrier , a gripen and a leo. At this point lets make it even and give them an Abrams and a T90

Eventually as there wont really be any new tech available thats when we can see some copy paste, not now when there are many suggestions lying around they could add.

There is no way nations like Hungary or Belgium or any other nation can have their own tech tree so creating sub tech tree is the only way for Gaijin to add these vehicles. The uniqueness part of the tech trees is debatable… i consider China to have its own uniqueness since it has 2 lines, one soviet and one US provided equipment until both the ROCAF and the PLAAF managed to produce their own vehicles… but some people might just see that as copy paste, and i totally don’t care about their opinion, we are talking about subjective issues.

I always criticized Gaijin for adding non existing vehicles, paper designs and so on…
Im sorry but i just belong to a different group of players that were attracted by a game that no longer exist…becuse again, let me remind you, im talking about a reality that actually existed…

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Subtechtrees are also supposed to give more options to certain nations and Italy had a massive one in terms of Air top tier, the grippy was the best option, also ties perfectly with the lack of good MBTS and boom… 2A7HU.

The issue is will you add subtechtrees with vehicles that are outdated and no longer useful just because there’s other indigenous stuff? Italy had a top tier Ground and Air issue NOW and the addition of Hungary was spot on.

i dont have a problem with subtrees, its copy paste i dont like. Its low effort and lazy and i hate how they try to rebrand it like its not the exact same as the others

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I’m sorry to tell you but the simple existence of NATO means we will have copy paste.

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I don’t think Italy had a top tier issue. Sure they didn’t have a 12.7 fighter but they had a tornado, a F16 and a harrier better than others (Germany)

You said it yourself, they didn’t have a 12.7 fighter. (IMO Germany has the same issue in air, thus they need a subtechtree that gives them something good for top air)

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