Stock HEATFS is still one of the most insane changes forced onto the game

Everyone knows it, it’s absolutely miserable and clearly very much favors as specific nation and it’s vehicles.

Then intentionally make it a bad shell but don’t worry, you can spend some GE to unlock a shell that actually works, or play Britain/Sweden that doesn’t get it, but we casually ignore that because it doesn’t fit with the argument that stock Heatfs was the ‘fair’ thing to do for all nations, sure… really fair when some nations are forced to have a joke of shell, others don’t, and some have armor specifically designed to counter it and are immune to dozens of vehicles.


And when the announcement is met with basically nothing but dislike and complaints


and people calling you out getting tons of support

You cannot go around and say stupid things like :


And there have been many, many cases like this, like the buttery surface and lack of traction we all know and love.

I still believe HEATFS stock should be reverted, it’s one of the many things about top tier that makes the game miserable to play at those BRs, alongside many other things people complained about when introduced but we not in fact reverted despite your ‘‘do no harm principle’’ that I’m sure exists.

People who went through the insane grind to get to top tier, spend millions to buy and crew a vehicle should not be forced to play with a handicap, on top of already burning down without FPE, unable to repair without parts, unable to spot without thermals, unable to range without the laser rangefinder, unable to replace crew without the crew replenishment… you have enough things in the game to annoy, frustrate and anger people that push them towards monetization, stock heatfs really was a step too far.

If, by your own words, 80% of people aren’t paying a dime if, by your own words, people who are not entertained do not pay money, it’s probably because of these annoyances as to why people are not entertained and not spending money.


This is just a miserable experience:

Just the thread that I’ve created a few days before the stock HEATFS “fix” was implemented, related to the previous NATO heat-fs pen nerf.

Edit: Edited to show the thread title.

Bet they’re still just collecting data lmao.

Or still trying to come up with that excuse…

That’s why they blocked suggestions on the new forum, separated bug reports into a new website, and prevented communication with the mods there (no DMs there, and all technical mods I’ve seen there can’t be reached on the forum).
There have been bug reports proving that IRL tanks usually had stock AP-type shells, except those that couldn’t fire them. Most if not all came also with stock repair and FPE. TVD was also stock wherever applicable, while simple NVD was researchable.

Thats how their scam system works, take everything they can from top tier players (like 5%) and keep the game working instead of balance the moneygrabbing between tiers

It still continues, baffling they removed this handicap from the new rank of vehicles and just made it more miserable for the previous top tier vehicle who not only suffer against their contemporaries with stock heatfs, as they have done for years, they now also get completely ruined by the new top tier, which due to compression is bad enough even with shells unlocked.

No body wants to grind a vehicle for hours and hours and hours to finally get something that allows you to compete, and I sure as hell will never spend a time on predatory and malicious game design.