Stock grind top tier

Stock grind needs to be reduced for high tier jets

trying to get jets in multiple tech trees is off-putting. Having to spade a top tier vehicle that I have already spaded in another tech tree is monotonous especially after having to grind through 200-400k rp points to even buy the vehicle in the first place.

Feels like my time isnt being valued after dedicating quite a bit to time to it even with premium time the stock grind is still horrid.

I feel like gaijin should implant a feature that allows you to research mods faster on vehicles that you may have already spaded in another tech tree this way people who like to play more than one tech trees don’t have treacherous stock grind again vehicles that other trees often share with others.

  • Yes I would like to see something like this added
  • no not a fan of this
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Or just decrease the amount of grind in general, maybe make all modifications be on a year by year basis to make it faster.