Stock Grind post ARH

I think that the stock grind of some jets in the 12.0-13.0 BR range should be looked at with the addition of ARH to the game.

This is the stock grind of an F-16 at 12.3
Stock you get x2 AIM-9L
to get to a x6 AIM-9L load out you will need to grind 67,000 RP
Top tier jets that don’t have the “New Boosters” modification also have horrible roll rate. Makes it quite difficult to dogfight with your x2 IR only loadout.

The AIM-9L is a mediocre IR missile for 12.3-13.0 games. Before you can get to the x6 AIM-9M loadout(which also isn’t very good against ARH) you will have needed to grind out 92,000 RP

This isn’t anywhere in the neighborhood of reasonable. Only reason it would be left like this would be to make the grind absolutely miserable to incentivize GE spending on mods.
I understand Gaijin makes money on GE, but it shouldn’t be the choice between pay $ or suffer countless hours grinding.

If you’re going to have a jet with no BVR engagement at 12.3 BR it should have a decent stock loadout. Its already at a giant disadvantage in the current meta.

I think that even if you rush bomb mod and try to be a base bomber you’re going to have an incredibly horrible time
Please share your thoughts, let me know if I am out of touch or something…


i have no idea why stock grind is still a thing

it should have been abolished a year ago


I’ve almost spadded the F-16A few days ago and I’m currently close to unlock AIM-120 on the AM right now, I can tell you stock AM is way more hard than F-16A Stock grind.

I agree with what you say, but I found the module’ grind very quick compared to ground tech-tree.

(Kills, RB)

(Battles, yeah poor K/B ratio)

For comparison, only the SXXI is spaded :

(Battles, RB)

I looove stock grinds but at top tier and ARH the whole thing is just so bad I’ve just given up on it.
You can’t defend or engage on different terms most if the time which is a gigantic pain

How did you spade the F-16A in 80 battles?

It’s not full spaded but I have all flight performance and missiles, so it os fully operational now. It miss the bombs/AGM.

I start playing it with premium on, I buy the VLT-2 and it give me premium.

But on the AM, I unlock an upgrade in 4/5 match without premium for what I know.


80/14=5.7 games/module.
Off topic but first nice battle with F-16AM :