Stock Grind for top tier jets should be fixed

Aren’t you bored of having to stock grind your Plane every single time? and specially if your plane didn’t have bombs or it is something like the JA37D well man we are all suffering,the stock is extremely painful and it’s not balanced by all means someplanes get R73’s as stock missiles like the Mig29 and some planes like the JA37D gets stock AIM9P’s as stock missiles which is so painful be cause it will take so much RP and time to spade your fav plane and when you do you just quite using it be cause it got useless and you can’t really enjoy the fully experience of it spaded

that’s why i came up with an idea: why not give the people spaded performance but stock armaments or the exact opposit?, OR why not give people the most important Modifications such as G suit and missiles and engine and make them grind the rest and give them bonuses to make encourage them to not leave other unimportant modification or do the exact opposit remove the Bonuses give everyone the enitre unimportant modifications such as Boosters cover and not the best missiles and keep the important ones unresearched so that the Players could have something to boost them while spading there Plane it’s really annoying once you unlock a new you plane you have to grind to crew it then grind to spade it and then after all this effort you just get bored and leave it

Jaguar Gr1 grind was brutal, went back and attempted to spade it recently (originally skipped it and just went straight for the Gr1A when spading them)

No AAMs, No bombs, nothing. You have to gunfight, in a 9.7 strike aircraft, not built for turn fighting. It was horrible, I’d almost say impossible and to expect new players to do that… is insane.

Top tier is definetly messy. Tornado F3 sucked with 2x Aim-9Ls, though in SB I could at least hunt AI targets and with the Gripen C on the horizon, its going to be… interesting. Though at least that can gun fight.

They defiently need to overhaul stockgrinds. I cant imagine how many were put off by the game, not because of a perticular aircraft, but that aircrafts performance when stock (especially if you have low crew skill as well, but that is a seperate issue)

I’m currently playing MiG-21F-13, and without missiles i was at 1:1 KD, once i got missiles i set myself to 2:1 KD ^^"

and btw, MiG-21F-13 shouldn’t be 9.3,… it’s way too low.

It was fixed. You now get half decent missiles. A while ago, you would get … just guns with default belts.

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Because it’s not profital to gaijin. More you donate to grind, more money they get. It’s always this way