Stingers are screwed

Thought this was a stealth buff to the Ka-50.

Nope, turns out it’s just a massive nerf to the Stingers… which apparently cannothit jets from the 50s or helicopters.


flares dont even render a lot of times

if it was DIRCM you wouldn’t even be able to lock in the first place

  1. I put the server replay in the bug report, which I watched from his perspective. No Flares were used.
  2. That’s why I’m calling it Stealth Vitebsk. (Which, ironically is it’s supposed to work IRL. The lock prevention is BS.)

I know. Actually it might be the dogshit networking + no proxy fuse on ATAS

This isn’t Kamov handholding, it’s just Stingers being rubbish.

If it’s stingers being rubbish in the new update, I’d like to know that so we can just close that bug report and open a new one for stingers.

Admittedly I haven’t shot the stingers at many aircraft today.

It’s not really a new update thing, stingers have always been atrocious

this was happening last patch as well for example:


Thanks just went and tested it, holy crap.

Stinger definitely needs to be reworked

Did some testing with the Ka-50
Which has these missiles:

They hit the 50s jet and destroy it every time.

Then I took the AH-64 with ATAS (These missiles

Equal or better in almost everyway.

All 4 missiles could not shoot down the 50s jet.

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some people will still tell us that the Russian bias is only an idea of our imagination lol

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I would honestly feel better if they just came out and said “Yeah, we have family in Russia we’d like to see, and we don’t want to risk our passports having irregularities by acknowledging that Russia does not, in fact, have the best of everything.”

At least then we’d be passed the gaslighting.

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Confessed fault is half forgiven

Not a bug.



Igla has proxy fuse

What’s the trigger radius?

Not sure, relatively short for sure but it exists, which is really good due to the bad networking

Their tool tip suggests it doesn’t have one, just like the ATAS.
(The tooltip for FIM-92K does have a trigger radius)