Stinger IRCCM significantly underperforming

Iv noticed after coming back to 10.3 USA for the TOG event that the stingers on the LAV-AD are really underperforming. I remember when I first played the LAV that they almost entirely ignored flares. Now on multiple occasions I have had the stinger be flared rear aspect and only on a few occasions have I seen them go through flares side and front aspect.

Have they been silently nerfed or something? At first I thought I was just doing some bad launches but after a while its become quite clear that the flare resistance is almost comparable to 9Ls. If this is an intended nerf I don’t see why stingers cant get their realistic G pull, the IRCCM (arguably) justified the limited G pull but now in pretty much all situations they under perform and frequently only getting kills on the 3rd or 4th missile once iv run the target out of flares and/or energy.

could be some bullshit silent nerf. I guess the overperforming russian missiles at a lower BR still werent good enough for them.

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Ofc, why would they make western weapons work as they should? Wouldnt that be dangerous for russian vehicles?
Btw when do we get cope cages for the russian MBTs?