Still Xmas hangar?

I still get xmas hangar. Can I disable it?

Russian Orthodox Christmas* takes place on January 7th and lasts for 6 days. They’ll probably take it down this week.

It really offends you that much?


If this doesn’t break your immersion, nothing does! ;-)

It’s a Christmas hanger for a few weeks. Get over it.


Click on the girls to make them dance or click on the men to throw snowballs at them. Enjoy it.


I like the winter hangar, is there a way to keep it during the whole year?

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Most of my neighbourhood still has a christmas tree active, so i think the hanger is fine another while

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Edit your config.blk file by adding an unfestive custom hanger.


this should spice it up :-P


Who would actually have an issue with Christmas? Do you have an issue with Easter, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, etc as well? Enjoy it while it lasts instead of complaining about it because in the future, you might not have it. There is hardly any Christmas as it is in these dark times, with all the useful idiots/npcs/drones refusing to call it by its name, instead inventing convoluted terms such as ‘holiday season’, ‘travel season’, ‘shopping season’, ‘holiday tree’, ‘holiday gifts’, ‘holiday lights’, ‘holiday decorations’, ‘holiday caroling’, ‘holiday music’, etc…Even this game has fallen into this, with weird things such as ‘new year’ decorations that clearly imply Christmas without mentioning it:

Mine is better:

You guys… lol

But seriously, as mentioned not everyone celebrates the Holidays exactly the same way

I would think it is getting close for it to be removed tho

I so have to say that is rather catchy for sure ^^

I don’t have an issue with Xmas, I find the hangar ugly.

That’s not even close to the longest christmas time.

Candlemas is the day were the christmas season really ends, by that day the decorations should be gone. But that is on the 2nd of February.

So technically there is still a lot of time


Maybe gaijin should create a ‘Make your own Christmas hanger’ contest or something. The winner would get a rare vehicle of his choice, 12 days of (Christmas) premium time, & their hanger implemented in-game from Dec 1 to Feb 2

Most irritating tune that I’ve heard in a very long time.

What tune? Not something I mentioned.