Still no hanger walk?

what happened to it. i had hoped it would at lest be back for the anniversary but nope now there are no mechanics at all -.-


I do not know but i hope it will come back.

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Probably not a priority but would be nice to see

Was it even brought out? Did anyone get any footage of it?

yes in 2022 i even did play it myself

Dang, lucky… I missed the opportunity…

Hope it pops up again.

it should be permanent

See no reason to remove it, it’s not detrimental to gameplay 'nor rendering/adding something that doesn’t already exist. It’s literally a camera angle with movement. Removing it isn’t beneficial, and it’s lowkey enough to not be an invasive feature to leave in. They had to intentionally remove the first person camera, and that boggles my mind.

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That’s assuming that they didn’t remove it because it wasn’t working right, or that it merely broke at some stage…

It did work they just removed it wen the celebration was over

And never put it back
But they did put in some slightly inappropriate(out of Place for warthunder) joke into the next Christmas theme when people did expect the hanger Walk
Which was driggerd the same Way

So it Almost feels like they know we want the hanger Walk back but they use it has Inside joke

Last thing I heard about it
They added the hanger Walk into the code 6 months ago or something (datamine)
But it’s deactivated and only used for testing
Or was the line actually something like
Hanger Walk Test: False
Don’t remember

No walk, but the elves are back <DUCK!>

I did find a hanger-egg.
“spare” aircraft in the right runway : rotating selection of delicacies you can click on and test fly. Most Ive seen are from the Premium side. No combat but for those of us still way low, fun to fly some higher-ranked planes.
Same in the tank area, one on the xmas sleigh.

for a short period i also got elve dance and trowing snowball Easter egg
feels like they are just making a joke out of it