Still no fixes for naval servers

We have been waiting. Instead you give us the ability to buy premium battleships and not fix the servers. How can we use them if we can’t play without being booted from a match?!?!??!? Why should we play when we can’t get downtiers at 6.0+ and when we do we get booted?!?!?! Can we get a server fix for once since we have had to beg to even get noticed about this issue?


The state of the naval servers is honestly just sad. I just went into a match and before I can even get a kill, everyone and I mean everyone on both teams got booted from the match. Not only does it crew lock you but you pay repair costs if you don’t have premium so anyone in a 30k+ repair cost ship is forced to lose SL because of the server issues.


Once again it kicked me out multiple times today.


50 minutes of crew locks in 2 hours due to the servers, thanks gaijin for making it harder to grind the already hard to grind event -_-