Still bugs on the CDK after the game updates

Once again, you don’t care about the content creators because they don’t do anything for you. However, you will be thinking about the 208 members of our events server who are waiting for our events in February 2024.

Please rectify the CDK before that date, at least respect the content creators who are trying to keep their communities alive within your game.

Even War Thunder Customer Support refuses to give me any information. So if an extension to War Thunder map creation isn’t about War Thunder, maybe it’s about Gaijin?

Thank you for the information brought to this post.

Ifive, organiser on the War Thunder “Royal Event” community discord.


Is it possible to write more details about the situation (selected map, object) when the error occurs?

All I did was launch the mission editor, and it crashed instantly.

Hmmm… That is an unbelievable error since the CDK tool runs correctly on my PC.
Have you tried re-installing the latest version of the CDK tool?