Stifling true feedback

I am sure this will be deleted. I love how on the Abrams devblog the only posts making it through pre-moderation are supportive of Gaijin and praising them. I am not an Abrams fan and I do not care what they do with the tank, but this blatant censorship and stilted propaganda is sad and disturbing. I was hoping they had learned something this year, but they apparently have not. Sad.

Again, not about your decisions or the pixel tank, it is about your business practices and interaction with customers.


Lots of people on Reddit reporting being banned for a number of weeks on the forum because they spoke out on the subject, the outright rude people aside.

Lots of comments being hidden here as well, but it’s all disguised as the ‘‘community’’ doing it as moderator actions are no longer listed.

  1. “Hey guys, you’re absolutely right, the tanks had DU inserts and XYZ. But if we gave it ALL these buffs, we believe the BR would have to go up to 13.7 where it didn’t face any Russian tanks. This would leave Russian players out of top tier, be very unfair to a lot of players who grinded a long way to get there, and be unhealthy for the game. So we are declining to buff it in these ways for balance, not because your tickets were wrong, thank you”

  2. Post detailed win rate stats to discredit Thunderskill nonsense and let people see for themselves.

That’s assuming, of course, that the stats actually do support that decision… if they don’t, then they really DO have some personal weird emotional or political bias or something. But I don’t think they do, and I think if they were simply honest, it would indeed all add up and be received vastly better.