Stielgranata 42 new type of ammunition

Stielgranata 42 is heavy infantry rodded bomb that can be lunched from 15cm s. I. G. 33 gun.

There little information about this type of ammunition my first source is German explosive ordnance volume 2 it suggests that it have weight of 48kg and the weight of filling is 27kg.

Here is complete specification from the book (German explosive ordnance volume 2) about Stielgranata 42


The second sources that i found suggests that the complete weight is 90kg with filling weight of 52kg


Here is some pictures



And here is some links for further informations about Stielgranata 42:


89.5 kg:

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Impractical. It served a specific purpose and doesn’t have use against vehicles.

Would be impossible to implement anyway, without information on the velocity, which I can only imagine to be something below 100m/s.


Oh hey, there it is. 105m/s. Effective range against vehicle would be 100m. Good luck with that.

Neither does a KV-2


And why do you think the KV-2 couldn’t be used against vehicles?

How exactly would a 90kg, muzzle loaded shell with 100m range be used against any vehicle, when the gun fires regular shells with 240m/s velocity?

It’s a complete waste of time to even suggest something like that.

The players should be the judge of that, not someone who already has a bias against it


I don’t see how the game gets more fun by letting a tracked wagon covered in bushes camp behind a building to click on the first pixel of your track they see and kill you around said corner. We have enough reserve tier goblin machines to reduce the quality of the gameplay experience as it is, imo.


Matilda Hedgehog? Sturmtiger?

None of them are designed against tanks…

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This could be added as a modification for the Sturmpanzer 2, or the Bison if ever added. They could become a sort of mini Sturmtiger without armor.

It would not be very useful, but fun nevertheless.

Thank you so much TT33 for the informations, i will have to remove the first source bc of the inaccuracy and relay on the second source then if i made a suggestion

There’s a difference between not designed for and so ineffective it doesn’t make sense.

The Hedghog is just a gimmick and the Sturmtiger only works because of some unrealistic reload time.

However a projectile with 100m/s is completely useless for fighting vehicles.

Gotta agree with my man KillaKiwi on this one. New players especially need to be taken into account when it comes to presenting them lots of choices.

This is the sort of ordnance that might make sense to add if GRB ever gets PVE elements like those found in Air RB. Static AT emplacements, trenches, bunkers, that sort of thing.

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The 15cm sIG shell have velocity of 240 m/s that doesn’t make the gun useless plus Stielgranata 42 have explosive weight of 52kg of Amatol yes low velocity but it’s still effective in killing things plus hiw did you know the velocity is 100 m/s no source suggested such thing

There is literally 2 choices HEAT, HE and now i am offering Stielgranata 42 it will be fun and it will be a meme shell just like the Sturminster and BM-31-12


Look at the first photo posted among the initial sources. Round velocity is in the bottom right. It says Vo 105, then the image cuts off, but it’s obviously talking about metres per second.

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U ready for the SIG 33 to go up to 2.something?

I see it now but still no problem ppl don’t use the 15cm sIG to snipe anyway they already use it at close ranges and close corners this shell won’t effect the playing style and even if it’s useless why all the fuss about it won’t be broken mechanic or anything it will just be a cool type of shells

It’s low tier ppl already don’t use that thing

I see them all the time. Even in high tier games trying to get Gawd Modes etc.


Ofc you see them at high tier ppl like getting godmode with it and i am one of them now i am kinda giving them something new to use and laugh at ppl with when they got kill with it plus you will kill tanks more effectively bc the filling will be 52kg instead of 8.6kg