Stella At 10.0

Alright, so how is the Strella at 10.0? Like its the only spaa at 10.0 that cant miss a target.

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Tell gaijin devs to fix their unrealistic missile seeker head for the damn thing. Its stronger than the R-73…


Cause it has a lack of thermals and search radar. Also the missile has pretty awful frontal lock range so yeah. Missiles have great IRCCM and maneuvering characteristics don’t get me wrong but thats all it has (which means it creates a death sphere). Pretty hard to balance something like the strela.

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Tbh its probably in the best place right now. 9.0 was to low for it cause most of the jets didn’t have flares and 10.0 is when most people spam aircraft (which have flares) so its at a great spot right now.

What, a SPAA that’s actually effective? Please nerf immediately, can’t have ground forces defending themselves.


I dont see it going up any further until they give it the passive radar that they have modeled on the physical tank.

Just as other people stated, it lacks a search radar and thermals. Plus the IR has bad frontal locking, 3.5km. The optical tracking is a good plus but only when the weather is good.

Also true. If it moves up anymore, the 10.0 line up will have to use a 8.0 spaa.

They really need a “spaa” update that just adds like 2-3 spaa to every nation.


Russian ground forces are famously in need of defending themselves from CAS

Wouldn’t work in the long run as CAS players would just whine on the forums again look at the entire french SPAA line its a joke they have 2 SPAA at 5.7 only one of which is actually a SPAA being the TPX While the AMX 10P should really be a 4.3/4.7 light tank and at 5.0 the AMX 13 DCA which for all intents and purposes isnt actually 5.0 but 5.3/5.7 because france doesn’t have a 5.0 lineup so really france has three 5.7 SPAA and thats it until 8.3

Most other nations in game have similar issues where you’re forced to bring a lower tier SPAA up to a higher BR because there’s nothing else usable or in other instances where the SPAA these nations have are borderline unusable trash until a certain br like the russian SPAA, sure its decent at 10.0 but everything before that is awful.

I find plenty more people whining about CAS then the other way around.

Correct. We need more spaa. Sadly, many cannon spaa will become overtiered because gaijin gives them full AP belts and players decide to use them as TDs.


People whine about CAS because they rightfully should SPAA isnt the counter to CAS that it should be at most BRs 8.7 isnt terribly fun when you get a walleye dropped on you from an A4E thats 8km away

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