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Please someone help me out , I accidently purchase turmst72AV on my account on steam not on gaijin one , how can I … You know change it like move from this account to that account . Please this is my birth day I can’t lost this .

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I been looking for help but it said cannot refund and I can’t do anything .

Try making a support ticket
They’ll usually fix it

They might have you link your steam account with your gaijin one, I hope that’s the fix for it

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Where can I make the support ticket ?
Good luck with it

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You’re a legend thanks homie

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No worries, I hope they get it sorted!

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just install the normal PC launcher and login with your Steam account data.
you can use everything that you got there in normal PC game without Steam Launcher

No bro , like I’m purchased the pack for the wrong account ( steam account) . It’s still mine tho , I wanted to know if there by any chance move the T72av from the steam account to the main account of mine

@Pacifica Please help me out if you can , I’ve been tried all my best even sent a request for helping costumer in warthunder .


You will need to contact Support, they will be the only ones that maybe able to help you sorry to say

And, just keep in mind there maybe delays because of the Holidays, and they will always reply…

If Support is experiencing delays they should have a notification… and just a reminder, just make one ticket, no need to make multiple

feel free to PM me if you have concerns after 3-4 days and will see if I can pass on your concern

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Hello I have a question so i bought the mig-21bis Lazur-m yesterday on steam and its not in my war thunder and i’ve tried to contact the support team and nothing and it’s been about 27 hours what should i do because i can’t refund it sadly.

nvm i got it finally

Bro , how did you do it ? Tell me please I still need help .

Hope they will answer me in the nearest future :(

At times it maybe a bit delayed, sometimes logging out and in again may help