Stealth sinking of ships

Gaijin, why are you implementing unfinished features that just take all the fun away that’s left in this game?

This stealth sinking of ships due to critical buoyancy needs to end. I get big warnings about a “collision” that keeps blasting visually and with an audio siren while I’m still far away, but not a peep about my ship sinking. I sank with the collision alarm while I was plenty away from ramming the island, but sank by going to death screen. Yes, there is a small text on the bottom left corner of the screen, but who’s going to be checking there when I’m in the middle of a battle with the enemy and I’m busy shooting.

Please put some people in charge that do some good quality control for once and add finished features that make sense only. We are tired of being Guinea pigs for your unfinished code.

Whats this mean? Do you not see the ship sinking? I have not head that before.

In my opinion once you get the critical buoyancy alert, you are pretty much dead. Wasn’t is bugged when it first came out? I feel it was fixed since, but has nothing to do with the recent update. Unless it was tied to the repair cycling bug and never stopped unsinking?

It hasn’t been fixed. You get sink-i-ness without the notice.

At this point, new and interesting ways of breaking the game during an update is almost an expected feature…


The buoyancy % shows decreasing, but there’s no warning like when you are still a thousand meters away from hitting an island…

But there’s no use asking Gaijin to fix it here - you have to make a bug report.


No, I did not see my ship sinking. I was doing evasive maneuvers while engaging the enemy. At the time I sank, there were no shells incoming from the enemy, as he was trying to run away from my HE shells.

You can survive critical buoyancy alert, but it can take a while and you have to stop in place to do it. The thing is there was no alert, especially if you are in a gunner view. You just sink poof death screen.