Stealth RP Nerf?

Has there been a stealth nerf to RP gains sometime in the last 6 months?

It’s been awhile since I paid attention to RP gains beccause I haven’t been grinding anything.

I knew that GRB has a harder grind than ARB (or so I thought) but it seems that both are pretty horrible lately.

I’m getting 5,500 RP for a 2 kill Victory in ARB
GRB is only giving about 1,000 RP per kill.
(BTW this is with a premium account)

I’ve been using the Mirage F1C to finish grinding the Belgian Air sub-tree in the France TT. I have the F-16A and the F-16AM left to grind, thats 810,000 RP

If I can get 2 kills every round and win, I have to play 147 matches with the F1C for 2 Jets.

For a 3 kill Victory in GRB playing the Leclerc SXXI I get 3,100 RP…
So to unlock the Leclerc AZUR I would have to play 132 games where I got 3 kills.

Has it been like this a while or did they change something recently-ish


i find that in GRB, caping a base and surviving (while doing stuff) results in more rp rather than just getting kills.

The longer the game, the more the rewards

You’ll get more RP per one destroyed base than per one frag.
That’s why there is so many players destroying bases in air RB.

And there is difference in point if you kill enemy with missile or with guns. More points with gun kill.

The fact is that because of the stupid majority we have in the game, your life time and combat time now play a major role in earning RP.
You can destroy 5 opponents in 30sec, but quickly die, getting 2.5k RP in the end. But you can make 2 kills and live for 2 minutes and in the end you will get either more or exactly the same amount. Why? Because fools voted in their time without even thinking.

There are no stealth nerfs for RP/SL.
If we change anything related to that, we announce it in changelog/separate topic.