Stealth mode

does the KA 50 have any kind of stealth capabilities. My radar doesn’t even show them on screen even when they are flying in plain sight , not to mention trying to lock on the times it does show then . Which is way fewer then the times it doesn’t show them .

Not beyond what any other helicopter can do realistically. Radar is not perfect, but it is very finnicky when it has to deal with ground clutter. This seems to affect ground vehicles tremendously.

NO NO NO NOT THAT THE RADAR DOESN’T SEE HIM BUT IT WONT LOCK ON ,AND RADARS are not that finnicky , when I can see it ,the radar sees it but won’t lock on…if this is how radar really work then our military is in trouble . just fly in plain sight and your ok . I think this is something warthunder is doing to lower the capabilities of some countries . Like the Abrams’ M1a2 with a shell pinning 629 mm but yet it won’t damage the German leopard 2A5 2A6, 2PSO Russian T80BVM , T72B3 … even though it has more pin then those tanks has armor. If you knew how many times I shot those tanks in the side of their hull and get a note NO PENETRATION AND and then they kill me with 1 shot to anywhere on my tank . we have the radar not working as it should and we have a top of the line shell not working …I wonder why warthunder needs to give some vehicles a bit of a advantage. Frustrating to hit a tank with what should be a kill shot only to get killed by that very tank

i feel like this is just a rant post, Ground Clutter exists, its hard to lock things when there is ground clutter.


Was he notching? Are you using a pulse-doppler radar? Were there trees between you and him? What were you in? What was his altitude? Could the radar have been getting just enough of a return to show something was there but not enough to lock? Mobile SAMs generally don’t have large, powerful radars.

he was 4,kilometer out 600 meters up . Any radar should pick up and lock on from that position. I fly a helicopter and get shot gown from much farther then that … my missiles have a range of 8 k .so it is something to do with the country they come from .Russians ka 50’s must have stealth

it’s not ground clutter .I can see him in the distance, a little speck .I can see the missile come from him and kill me while all the time I’m still trying to lock him . I’ve played enough to no when something doesn’t seem right

ground clutter doesnt mean you cant see him with your eyes.
also if he is notching your radar it will never lock.

All helis are immune to PD radars currently. Ah-64s Tigers mo-28s all of them , unless they are moving like 200kmh+. Try to use non pd mode and you will lock them

Most helis are hovering or moving very slow so PD doesn’t work on them

Without seeing the replay there isn’t much else to say. The Ka-50 definitely is not stealthy. No currently active attack helicopter is. If he’s not moving or if he’s notching your radar, the radar won’t see him. If there is no relative velocity toward or away from you, the radar won’t lock.

But this is Gaijin so the problem could be simpler than that. The problem could be in how Gaijin models radar cross section if they even do that. They could have given the Ka-50 too small of an RCS. It’s not an RAH-66. It should have the RCS of a house. Gaijin also gimps radars by not giving them their full detection ranges and capabilities because they’re too lazy to make maps large enough. There’s not a single missile in game that has their correct ranges either.