Status of the Type 69 IIA

I have a question, do the developers plan to do something about the type of ammunition that the Type 69 IIA has? Keep in mind that it is BR 8.0 and is practically the same as the ZTZ 59A which is BR 7.7, they both carry the same ammunition that they share with the even older Type 59 which is also BR 7.7. Apart from all that also the Type 69 IIA has the same BR as the T55A and they are exactly the same with the difference that the T55A has APDS-FS and a better APDS While the Type 69 IIA only has the laser rangefinder and spaced armor in the tower. I think we should stop balancing tanks by removing ammunition that they would have to use and I will do the opposite, balance by adding the ammunition they carried in reality.For example, the Magach 3 ERA premium is in BR 7.7 using ammunition from 1972 when it is a model from the early 1980s, so to be good it would have to use the M111 APDS-FS ammunition.Another case is the Shot Kal Alef, which is in BR 8.0 with the M728 APDS ammunition, when it would have to carry the M392A2 ammunition, since the Shot Kal Alef is the model of the Yom Kippur war in 1973, and the M728 ammunition entered in service in 1975.And so there are some more cases in all nations.
I know that it does not ensure that it is exact, but on this page you can see more or less in what year many of the ammunition that we have in War Thunder entered service, and some that are not there and could be used in tanks that due to entry dates in service they could have taken them.

PD:On the page I put it says that the Israelis received a small number of the L52 ammunition, which is the British M728, so in principle the Shot Kal Alef would be fine, hehe.