State of the game in High Tier ground

  • I don’t know for you, but i have an idea of what you think, because i have a squad, most of time for SQB only because 80%+ of my team play rarely in normal mod now because they are tired/bored to the state of the game, about how are the game in tank battle in RB above 9.3+ and more especialy 10.0+ to top tiers. Sorry for my bad English.

Most of the maps are bad for modern tank and not balanced for each side. And i don’t know how but since 2 maybe 3 years we have more players and i think a turn over with many old players leaves too; now we have a bunch of beginers who are really bad with their fresh premium! Many leave after die once with no back up or other correct vehicule so that punish your team, and German users have this speciality!!! So many times when i fall with germany and 1/3 leave after 3 min…

But even with this problem; in first i come everyday with smile and ideas to what i gona do today etc…but after i play 2/3 games my smile gone away and i’m angry because EVERY DAY i fall vs cheated Soviet and their absurd Brick ERA of space stats who make the worst tank IRL the best IG make them survive so easily and punish your crap allie tank(yeah i play only US/brits/France)to the trashpile while i play better, suprise them, shoot first and…die. Soviet, add to this, have a lower BR for so many OP vehicules with bugged post pen armor and nuke ammo too!
Or i fall vs Germany who are with Soviet many times too (when happened the game is over in 4/5 min), with their bugged 2A4 or Leo 2A5/6 who are bugged armor in addition to spall liner. Gaijin know thoses issues but let because so many premiums are sells. You want make a nuke strike? Play a 2A4, 2Pl, Christian2, Jap Fuji, Type 90 etc… or Soviet T80UD, Moderna, or T80 any models. Add to this stupid low BR 2S38, BMP2M (lol so easy this vehicules, i boycott soviet since many years but the few time i played it…a nightmare for others) and 2S. Tungunska who are far better than all other SAM/SPAA of all no Soviet even top tiers. And don’t tell me ITo, Adats, Asrad or Roland systems are better. If, you clearly never play them or are the champion of hypocits!

  • Just with this, this situation make the game so crap and painfull for thoses who fight them and not play the 2 lovely Nations of Gaijin. But recently, so so so many players now rush side map directly after the start for spawnkill in many maps. You really have to be a real trash person to do that each battle it is possible! Always on Spaceport (middle between spawn safe place), Advance to the Rhine, Berlin, Carpathians, Middleeast, Mozdock or the best for “38th parallel”.

5 games today with my 10.0/10.3 US tank +10.7 planes, same as yesterday= Always spawnkilers like T90, 292, 2PL + light Swedish or Soviet. GO fight this with a bradley+M1Abrams+ LAV AD because no eneugh good tank for go with my 10.7 Warthog/ Whyskey
More pain with my favorite lineup than Gaijin kill 3 times= My French 10.0(before) must be 10.3 now with 9.3/9.7 tank who are very limited, bad thermic and stuck in max zoom(all AMX) (nice for most of the time close fight map!) AMX32/40/and VBCI who shouldn’t be 9.7! Just for play a correct plane/heli SEM + HAP, no other choices.

So i’m really tired and not alone at all. Is Gaijin try to make the max money in short period before the game died?? I don’ know. But i play since 11 years and this game is worst to worst in therm of balance. And it is the more important because it is a Multiplayer PvP! Thx for your patience


Unlocked Leo 2 PSO few days ago
Played 53 games so far ,died 45 times
Most of deaths were at spawn or within 300 meters from spawn
80 % of all deaths were to helicopters
No smoke ,no repair ,all i can do is die if hit
If i take out plane to try and kill attacking helis or planes i get shot down every time before reaching match area ,lots of times my plane spawns and missile is already launched by Sci Fi Russian SPAA ,other times killed by jets that are in clouds over airfield where no airfield AAA can reach them.

Given up on top tier as it is broken mess.
People in certain nations are using it to spade their helis/jets safe in knowledge that apart from RU nobody can touch them in game .


You can spad the thing and even aced it after having 1500 kills and live slightly longer than 2 minutes, having a KDR of 3.5 still you going to blow up without warnings by space bombers because you took a hit, fire your weapon once, sit at a corner or even in your spawn point, space bombers will hover in outer space and zoom in to see your ass with their Heimdall eyes and drop bombs on you, there is nothing better you can do to prevent death lol

Thing is back in the day i could get essentials ,fire suppression ,repair and crew Ground assault ,not anymore.
RP you get is just laughable now ,10 kills for 2000 or so rp
Just put me off top tier but problem with aircraft is that they are everywhere now …but no matter how much Gaijin tries to force me to install Enlisted …not gonna happen.Might as well play EA Games …they are less greedy .
One Gaijin game is enough for a lifetime .


You think Leo 2 is bad? Try T-72B3 :’)

Oryx numbers don’t lie ,T 72 is bad.

So I locked my Realistic Ground Battle BR at 9.3, I cant bear one-death-exit player too.


Yeah. Sadly i do the same and play max at this BR too. I focus on SIM when interesting and playable BR(for Ground), play E.C in any BR. I have more fun and pleasure like that. Sometimes i want play top tier because technology, good planes and i love CAS especially in Heli in cockpit view with rocket only, like i try play Full Zuni with AH-1W, but rarely finish well as i said for have eneugh spawn points.