Jesus christ I never complain about anything in this game but the missiles on the Stormer literally just clip through planes 50% of the time

Am I loosing my mind or does anyone else experience this?

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I’ve had this happen with atgms. It’s not just starstreaks, but due to their speed it won’t surprise me if it’s more common

Yeah starstreaks don’t really work against planes due to the speed it annoying bug

With how much the penetration on the missiles has been nerfed what are you supposed to do with it? It can only kill planes if you roll the dice and it cant kill tanks

Its a meant to kill planes and heils the reason it aint killing tanks is that it meant to

well thats the problem though, it cant even kill planes

Yeah im pretty sure its bugged

Yeah… Welcome to one of the most bugged weapon systems in the game

This threads covers it in more detail

gaijin are free to model it how they like, what pisses me off is that even in its current state its not usable as gaijin intended because the missiles just noclip through their target because theyre moving too fast