Starstreak HVM is in dire need of a fix

So since pretty much day 1 of the SACLOS nerf, the Starstreak has been phasing through targets, taking 2km or more to start being manuverable etc. the list of issues goes on. I used to enjoy using the Starstreaks for their intended purpose of SHORAD against helicopters and other airborne targets.
The issue is noticeable on targets that are moving more than 100km/h in any direction.
Now I don’t have much video proof to support this but it can be seen pretty well while using it in ground RB.

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Literally an entire thread for exactly this.

A partial fix was rollled out a few weeks ago. But they havent finished yet and thus didnt say anything. Its working better than it was. It seems to be tied to ping quite heavily. the worse your ping, the more phasing occurs. But feels more reliable than it has done previously.

What did the fix introduce? Can I get a datamine style explanation of what was changed? i.e launch delay etc.


This is all we know

hoping we get a proper explanation when they finish.

Just tested it out, I just shat on a Ka-50 which was at 1.60km. IT WORKS AGAIN!!!


and just now a littlebird at 0.8km. wtf it works

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Helicopters are generally easy, planes (moving consistently in a non-deviating direction) are now possible.

Still doesn’t work properly, but it hits stuff now.