Starstreak HVM - broken?

I’ve been playing the Startstreak HVM and am having real difficulty hitting anything. All I can hit are stationary helicopters - anything else seems to be impossible. Is this typical of the Starstreak or is it just broken and needs to be fixed?

Has always been this way, its just the way it is.
My method is to use the Stormer for Heli’s only but also have an autocannon spaa in my lineup to deal with the jets etc.

It may be bad for engaging jets BUT - lets be honest - it is bloody great for taking out heli.

It’s broken and has been for years I’ll give you the same update about it being broken as the devs gave us… In short we know it’s broken, we don’t know why it’s broken, we are trying to fix what’s broken but we don’t know what’s broken… Best of luck… XD