Starlink Internet is good o no in WAR THUNDER?

(My english not is good)
Is Starlink Internet good for participating in War Thunder?
I await your opinion.

Probably not. I feel it’d end up being as bad as a wifi connection.

Thank you!!!

LOL you have never used it, so why not let people who have it respond! Yes I have it and I can run 3 - 4K tv simultaneously while surfing the internet on my phone with zero glitch! I highly recommend it.

I know the protocol enough that I know that streaming off the internet and playing a game online are 2 absolutely different things…

Please, don’t be a dunce and follow me around the forums posting against me just because you dislike something I said elsewhere in response to you.

I think you need to find someone else to challenge, the fact of the matter is that whilst you can ‘play’ over a latent connection, with problematic packetloss, it’s not going to say it’s fine.

And you think I don’t play, but unfortunately that isn’t a gauge of anything at all other than your want to dismiss my statements, because, again, you merely want to challenge me.

Please remind me, where’s the thread you had trouble with me in, as I will happily revisit that and hand your problem to you on a plate.

lol you are so pathetic. You have ZERO experience with Starlink! I have Starlink and yes you can play WT all day long with no interruptions or latency issues! Again you have ZERO experience in both Starlink and WT! Go cry to GAYjin about you being a troll…

It depends on what kind of latency (lag) you get with it. Some locations/times Starlink is very fast. Others not so good depending on how traffic is routed to the ground stations. It will definitely be better than the ping to the farthest game servers to where you are. Or if you live in Australia. lol.

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And just because it works currently, it’s no better than wifi… Sorry, but I know the internet protocols, and your drive to merely try insult me and ridicule me, is highlighting your true problem… Me, commenting.

You are truly a sad little boy…

I think you need a big old cup of 👏👏👏👏