Starfighters. Frikkin Starfighters

Just played a nice match with several Sabres and Mig’s 15/17 duking it out, it was like in Korea, skill, sportsmanship, fun …
Oh, or it would be, if there were no 4 frikkin untouchable F-104 Starfighters harassing the entire lobby.

Put this thing up in BR. I don’t care it does bad in uptiers, one unfavorable BR machine is preferable to ruining the fun of the entire lobby.

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My friend i hate the F104 To but if you fly low to ground and out turn them then and you have missel well ther are toast then

Strange. When I play GRB with a set of World War II armour, I’m always annoyed by the Gaijin time machine that presents me with opponents from the seventies.

And the airmen want a time machine that splits up aeroplanes that were developed and produced at the same time.

What a crazy world…

Historical matchmaking is bad regardless of mode. Vehicles should be balanced by capability not by introduction date.

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You are right. Any kind of realism in this game is nuts. Why nations f.e.?

Give every plaver one tank and one plane with identical datas but different skins, done. Guess you played TankiX some years ago?

Realism should be kept if possible but most of the time it isn’t healthy for a game to be too realistic. Having Panzer 3s face KV-1s or Sherman 75 needing to deal with Tiger 2Hs would be terrible for the game. Asymmetric balancing still requires a certain degree of equal capability across different vehicles.

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