Standard research tree helicopters

What’s the point, the fun, the purpose of making them so desperate to improve? (Except buy a premium one)

Start with a helicopter equipped with 20 rockets, knowing that :
1 - SPAA can easily destroy you at 2.5 kms
2 - To have an acceptable chance to destroy a tank you need to be at 300-400m (for me it’s 100m)
3 - On most heli (tezfa for example) the rocket sight must be combined with estimated forward, lateral and up/down speed

Finally, the chance to destroy an ennemy with a stock heli is highly poor ! 100 exp by 100 exp you need 100 games to make 1 improvement !

What is the point ?

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It is set up that way to make you buy premium helicopter.

But then, why would you research the tech tree?
Premium helicopters are usually good enough (if not straight OP) to carry you through the games.

But then, why would you research the tech tree?
1 - Some people don’t want to buy premiums
2 - If you need to buy a premium to play helicopters then just remove the heli tech tree and change the F2P (which is already a P2W) into Pay2Play.