Squadron Vehicles and their progression

I am currently grinding a vehicle, it is the Object 122MT ‘‘MC’’ in the Chinese premium tech tree and it is a squadron vehicle. I wanted to discuss about how progression in squadron vehicles should work.
Squadron vehicles are usually very expensive to both buy and crew, and they have the normal tech tree repair costs instead of the far lower premium repair costs, which makes them a sort of quick to get tech tree vehicle.
And I notice something that’s currently annoying me a bit, it’s the fact that squadron vehicles get 0 of the benefits that premium vehicles get, like being able to research all the ranks leading up to it and the rank after the vehicle. It only gets the standard tech tree ±1 research capability without penalties, which makes it worthless if it’s not in the tech tree you’re currently maining. Sadly I don’t think that the developers of this game will eaither care or notice about my post but I guess I’ll give it a try

I do find it weird that these vehicles don’t get premium benefits, or qualify for sales… They take a long grind to unlock. They deserve to offer a premium reward, or at the very least to be included in the annual sales events.

The issue is if you give them premium rewards then you could grind out a squad vehicle from another tech tree and effectively get a free premium for grinding out a new full tech tree, that would eat into Gaijin’s sales massively so it’s never happening.

I guess, but they should at least be able to grind the ranks preceding it like other premiums do, that would make them a lot nicer to grind

Again that is exactly why they won’t do it, they want you to pay money to grind a full tree with one vehicle

I dont think devs see this as a “premium” but rather as an “offer”…hence the much minor beenfits…
TBH…i got a bunch of those just by playing…any tree, any game mode…so i would classifiy their grind as “easy”…not “hard”.
USING THEM is very expensive…that i agree…mine are actually rarely used due to that…

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I see them as a nice extra and not expecting 60$ content for simply playing the game.
I’m annoyed by the things mentioned too but understand Gaijin wouldn’t sell nearly as much premiums if squadron vehicles are essentially premiums.
I think the main logic for squadron vehicles is a free way to get into high tier ground battles if you only have jets for a nation and no tanks. Alternatively a squadron jet can offer high tier CAS for ground only players without needing to buy a premium jet or grind out the whole tree.
Overall it’s a good system and find it very usefull in it’s current state.
If one thing would be changed I’d recommend that research for it is effective for all tiers leading up to it due to their appeal to get them outside of your regular trees. Premium RP and SL bonuses would understandablely be too much to ask for I am afraid.

YES! That’s exactly what I meant, I meant that they should have its effectiveness for research leading up to that tier. You just said it better

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Yeah I feel that would make sense because people want them out of their regular trees.
I just wouldn’t want that change to come at the cost of less squadron vehicles. I would be willing to have them raise in RP cost for that though. Our less than 20k per 3 days as max earnings would also be acceptable.
With their regular SL earnings and repair cost they would be hard to grind out entire trees with anyways so I don’t think that would interfere with premium sales.

Really it is bad to main a single nation, and anything that encourages people to play more nations is positive. you are already getting a vehicle that you can get simoultaneously with tech tree vehicles, but like has been said, making it so that it can research all the ranks would cut into gaijins premium sales. Also im sure that they will add more lower teir squadron vehicles like the firecrest

They’re just too easy to research in the background while playing other trees, RP gains for higher rank vehicles are already better than those lower down the tree.

Even without the extra talisman boost, if a squadron vehicle could research all previous ranks it would be too powerful a grinding tool and severely eat into Gaijin’s top tier premium sales.

Even if they’re only 50% the value of a premium (and really they’re more like 75%) that’s still at least £30 of value going for free, that’s just not happening.

Actually you make a good point. I take back what I said earlier.


Btw, this will help. Atleast for me. Iill just grind helis with my out of tech tree squadron tanks.

If that doesn’t help with modules you’ll still get nowhere in some helicopters.

What i do is just play the heli coop mode to get the modules i really need.

Which is also just ‘the’ worst rewarding mode in the game, you’ll spend hours and hours getting anything there, assuming you even have a helicopter able to engage SPAA from outside it’s range or you can double that time.

It’s a bit stale yes

This is what I got after 1 hour, 15k RP and 100k SL.
That’s worse than a 10 minute game of air and maybe 20 minutes of ground.


2500 RP per 10 minutes, next helicopter is 380.000 RP so you have play heli PvE for over 25 hours per helicopter, and its gets boring after 25 minutes, if even that… they just took plane EC and replaced the airfields with helipads and called it a day.

Obscenely large, giant empty wasteland… way too big for a heli.

Random helipad because reasons.

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