Squadron vehicle

Hey, I’m a Germany main and I am now at 6.0 BR. The thing is that i have only 15.000 research points left for the Leopard 2PL. Should I buy it and start playing toptier or should i wait untill i reach that rank to play with it?

My suggestion would be to save it for later. If you are still getting your feet wet with War Thunder you want to save it because higher tier battles are much different to what you are playing now. Once you’ve got a second vehicle of the same BR you can pick it up and use it for your line up^^.

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You will want to make sure that you have a crew set for it. I would do custom battles and run the testing ground with it to get the feel of it, but would not play it in a real match until you are able to have support vehicles with it. Otherwise you will burn through backups to just play twice.

definetively no.

i know its shiny new modern mbt, but trust me.

nothing against you, but you will have extremely bad time playing top tier without experience, and your team will have extremely bad time while having effectively one less player.

I’m not a new player if that is what you think, i am only 6.0 because i am grinding 3 lines at the same time and i’m that br in 2 of that 3. I have been playing for a long time, but if you think I shouldn’t, i won’t. Thanks

Its not what i think, its the fact.

You have 1451 battles.

Don’t buy it.
Because Researching vehicles more than two ranks apart in a non-premium vehicle will result in a significant penalty in research points. And Squadron vehicles are not premium.

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