Spotted something!


Kool hope she shows up in game

It’s very nice identification work, though it unfortunately doesn’t mean much for the game.
There is a Chinese J-20 profile pic for example, which is not present in the game and won’t be for the foreseeable future.
Very nixe job though!

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I know, though the Dunkerque would be a lot more probable than the J-20 or the Japanese F-15 as it’s basically a French equivalent to the Scharnhorst though trading survivability for armament. And I’m probably the only person in the War Thunder community to be crazy enough to study the Marine Nationale :)


I appreciate the effort!
The French navy is woefully neglected by so many people, glad to see someone who can actually appreciate it.
I find that France is oddly side-lined at all in favour of other nations by many people in this community, despite the consensus that they are a potent and unique nation :(

Things in the background of artwork or profiles etc may or may not show up in game… for the most part tho, there is always the possibility, but it wouldnt really be because of a profile unless it was part of some kind of event or premium bonus sorta thing