Spokoinyy is seriously overtiered

All USA 5.0 destroyers have 8 5-inch guns, while the Spokoinyy only has 4 130mm and with longer reload
and faces uptiers often. Gaijin make it 4.7 plz

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It gets much better shells, better turret traverse, better agility and is more survivable. It is fine where it is.


Literal skill issue. Spokoinyy/Blagorodnyy will absolutely clown on a Somers/Porter.


You seem to have left out a few key details:

  1. Extremely good gun handling
  2. High velocity rounds
  3. HE-VT shells
  4. Insane AAA mounts that will vaporize planes and coastal ships
  5. Very fast torpedoes with strong warheads
  6. Radar


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1.4 130mm gun is next to useless when fighting cruisers other than ammo racking
2.extremely low fire density (60 shells per minute compared to 160 on us destroyers)
3.While it has got HE-VT , other destroyer at lower tier also has them
4.AA mount don’t have AP belts so it’s ineffective against larger boats (pr206, skr etc.) unlike Bofors
5.radar is useless in AB and has uncovered area at the back

Also, it has low crew count and is easily eliminated by SAP from 5 '/38

Must be why I have an 88% win rate and a 9:1 K/D in it. Clearly underpowered.

  1. It has the best SAPCBC shells that are designed to do exactly that. They have by far the highest penetration at that BR
  2. You are trading higher pen/post damage for density of fire. This is like saying the Arizona doesn’t belong at 7.0 because of its fire rate. When it fires, it hits very hard.
  3. Not sure what your point is here
  4. 45mm is not meant to attack larger boats, but It does fine against SKR and the like. Take it for a test drive and use it against destroyers. It takes out modules as it should.
  5. Radar is not, in fact, useless in AB. If you think the aiming markers are the same for a locked radar target vs a non-locked target, you are very much mistaken.
  6. Crew count is 90 higher than the Moffett which most people consider a very good 5.0 BR destroyer

Statistically, it and the premium Blagorodnyy perform very well, and are not in need of a BR reduction. If the U.S. is the only comparison you are going to use for destroyers, that makes every other nation’s destroyers “over tiered.”


Nah, perfectly balanced. This was a 5.7 game too.


Yea, I found my Spokoinyy to be very effective. At that BR the vast, vast majority of shells being thrown around by both teams are US 5” from Moffetts or Knoxes, with maybe one/two ships from some of the other nations (UK, RU, FR, IT, JP, GE). Despite the huge number of 5” shells coming my way, if my DD ‘just blows up’ it’s almost invariably a RU 130 mm round that is responsible, a fact that can be exploited when playing Russian DDs: when you look at things they just blow up.


I’ve found 6" from Trenton and other 5.0 cruisers are featuring in me blowing up more too - to the extent that I now have both USN 5.0 cruisers in my lineup - and htey do seem better killing Soviet super-DD’s than the USN DD’s are.

In general, cruisers are the bane of the destroyer. I’ve still won many 1v1s with 6.0 cruisers regardless though in Blagorodnyy.

such is life, play any other navy in game and by 5.0 you are in a cruiser (or cruiser in disguise as destroyers like americans).

There are 5.0 cruisers and destroyers in the USSR tree. Just like there are 5.0 cruisers and destroyers in the US tree. No other nation really has such high tier DDs because no other nation built DDs as powerful as the ones in game, except maybe France. But those ships aren’t in the game yet.

lmao how even can you be so wrong about so many things at once? what are you even talking about? let me rephrase since you fully took advantage of my comment’s ambiguity.
the reason spoyykiny is at 5.0 is because ussr’s naval efforts irl were so bad and behind others by a decade that gaijin either had to imagine up half of tier 3 and above or push up weak sauce 4.3 worthy destroyers like spkyointy up to 4.7 and 5.0 in ussr tree. 4x130mm with 5sec reload in any other tree is 4.3 material.
5.0 in game is the territory of CLs or actual good DDs like the ones u.s has which in any other nations classification would probably be CLs, don’t misunderstand spkoyiny being 5.0 as it being good. in a good day it’s a 1 shotter by any 5.0 cruiser and in a bad day 5 salvos.

My brother in Christ, I shit on almost everything I see in my Blagorodnyy. Any other destroyer I see is literally not a threat. I will happily take a 4v1 against Moffetts. I’ve 1v1’d 6.0 cruisers and won without torpedoes. If you can’t do well Spokoinyy or Blagorodnyy, it’s a literal skill issue, because they are incredibly powerful ships.


“1v1’d 6.0 cruisers and won without torpedoes” skill issue of your opponent. all you see at 5.0 and above and half of what you see at 4.7 is cruisers and with SAPBC APHEBC APCBC you are 5 salvos. if you are still surviving 5 salvos of direct fire from 4 to 8 150mm and specially 200mm shells with mentioned ammunition then it’s beyond this glorified boats abilities irl, a russian game can make a russian boat as powerful as a CL or CA. haven’t been proven to myself so i don’t want to spread missinfo or rumor. it’s quite unbelievable actually, it’s a see it to believe it scenario and at the end if it’s true then it’s them biases. ))tovorishi

You don’t know what you’re talking about. We’re not talking about IRL. Nothing about Naval is particularly realistic. Real naval battles did not take place in densely packed groups of islands with ships knife fighting constantly. Ships can repair engines that would take months to fix in 20 seconds.

The Pr. 56-class ships are insanely powerful. They have excellent survivability because of their crew placement and magazine locations. They are very fast at 39kt. They have excellent firing arcs especially facing forward. The guns have outstanding velocity and the SAP does a huge amount of damage. The torpedoes are extremely potent, only really being beaten by the Type 93s. The AA is cracked, the tracking radar lets you snipe planes 8+km out. Blagorodnyy has extra rocket launchers that are great for close range duels.

There’s more to a ship than just the number of guns and rate of fire (which you also got wrong, it’s 4s aced). You’ve only played a few hundred games in bluewater, all of them in the Italian tree, which has some of the saddest destroyers in the game. I’m not surprised you think DDs all die in five salvoes because you can breathe on an Italian DD and it will explode. Arcade isn’t a great representation either, as aiming is much easier.

You’ve literally never played any other tree (aside from four games in the German Leopard), much less these specific ships, you have no place to claim that the Pr. 56 ships are substantially overtiered. I’m up to 78 games in Blagorodnyy, and while my win rate has been suffering with these event teams, it’s still 81%, and my k/d is nearly 7:1. I’ve only been playing since the big naval bot ban, so no one can claim that I’m just farming bots. Now tell me, if the vehicle is so incredibly weak, why am I able to pull off games in nearly full uptiers like the one I have posted above?


Wish I saw this thread earlier cause this is hilariously wrong.
Spok is fine.