Splitting Major Nations in Matches

Hey everyone, diving into another War Thunder discussion. You know when you’re facing off against two major nations at once! It’s like, “Come on, give us a chance!”

Here’s the deal: when you’ve got two big dogs teaming up, it feels like you’re barely scratching the surface. Smaller nations end up feeling like they’re just there for target practice.

But hey, here’s an idea: why not split up the major nations in matches? I’m talking about spreading them out across teams or even leaving one out altogether. That way, every match feels like a fair fight, with no one hogging all the power.

Think about it. By mixing things up like this, War Thunder could keep the excitement going and make victories feel way more satisfying. So, what do you say? Let’s shake things up and make War Thunder even better for all of us. Share your thoughts below!

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By simply reading this document, you, hereinafter referred to as the “Reader,” acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined herein. This agreement constitutes a legally binding contract between you and Karnitin75.

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Soooo basically allow mix battles??? cuz that already exist and im not a fan of it


They do this already…

If anything I want this lol if possible of course. Not demanding but suggesting an idea, if not then its cool too.


No i still want some kind of cohesion just not that all Major nations are in one match.

Yea that sounds fun

ahh, you mean like it should always be USSR with minor nations vs USA with the rest of other minor nations?

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This comes down to matchmaking. Priority is always given to matchmaking speed because people get annoyed waiting for games in a queue. Like the 1v1 nation thing. It would make the matchmaker worse, especially for Naval since there aren’t many players anyways. Allowing players to dictate which nations they face would be a terrible time for everyone as those people who do make the decision to change their matchmaking will negatively effect the players that don’t.

you didn’t even read the whole thing i guess. I said it will search for 1v1 and also the normal matchmaking lol so this won’t affect the queue time at all.

It will effect the queue time. Less players in the normal matchmaker will effect queue times and less players of certain nations will effect the queue time. This is before adding in which battle rating that these games will take players from the most. The matchmaker needs a large pool to draw from to efficiently create games, and removing players from that pool will always be detrimental.


Already exist. It’s pretty consistent too. Sometimes together but a lot of the times they are facing each other.

Did any of you find the “Secret” in my post XD

Not happening. You split major nations and you just create Mixed Battles that already exist. You want a chance, learn how to aim, flank, engage from a distance anything that doesn’t involve blindly charging the enemy to your death.

i never charge, i just sit back in my UDES 33 or USH, or any other Swedish TD vehicle, i die when we get spawn camped. or i piss of the enemy air force

Then make a rant post when you die clearly.

No i just had a thought about it. making a post not knowing it was a mechanic