Split tier 6, 7, and 8 aviation into new tech trees and adjust game modes

Game play and game modes in War Thunder aviation fall apart at the upper tiers.

The player base at tiers 6 and above largely switch from playing Air arcade to playing Air realistic. This is because the Arcade mechanics, like mid air reloading, really break down as supersonic jets and missiles become more prevalent.

This results in upper tier Air Realistic battles being forced to play more like a nerfed Air Arcade battle. We’ve seen Air RB over the last few years gain 16 v 16, air spawns, reduced match timers, excessive auto AI ticket bleed, and several other mechanics that force extremely short matches.

In my experience, at the upper tiers, Arcade and Realistic battles play VERY similarly.

I believe that splitting the aviation trees, as described above, will allow Gaijin to maintain the Arcade-Realistic- Sim designations, while re-tuning the game modes at these upper tiers - Similar to what they did with Naval Coastal vs Blue Water.

Conceptually, i would make the following adjustments:

Arcade Air should be fine tuned to be the most accessible game mode for aviation. I dont think this would require a huge deviation from the current setup but there are a few adjustments to be made.

  1. Remove the timer limit on WEP/afterburner. This doesn’t make a ton of sense for the upper tiers.

  2. Remove mid air reloading. Instead add an area in mid-air near or behind the spawn location where planes can fly through and trigger reloading. Very similar to how aviation reloading works in Enlisted.

  3. Keep 16 v 16, keep respawns, keep maps similar, keep arcade flight models, keep arcade spotting and still allow lower tiers from the old tree into this game mode.

Realistic Air should embrace a more Enduring Confrontation (EC) style of gameplay.

  1. Only include larger maps with multiple first spawn airfields and aircraft carriers when maps have water. Force first spawns to spread out over multiple airfields. This could help mitigate the 16 v 16 furball at the beginning of each match.

  2. Remove enemy spotting. Maybe keep the missile diamond spotting and maybe allow enemy spotting if they get within a certain radius of your airfield.

  3. Add respawning so that lineups can be used.

  4. Add longer match timers and larger ticket counts. I think 45 minutes could be the sweet spot with an average match lasting around 30 minutes.

  5. Expand objectives - more naval objectives, slightly less dumb AI, AI vehicles that are relevant to the era of aircraft you’re flying, etc.

  6. Add incentives for players to stay for the whole match. Maybe a 10% RP and SL booster gets applied if team tickets drop below 33%. Maybe there could be an AI reinforcements mechanic that gets applied if you’re team is being steamrolled. This should be added to Sim as well.

  7. Allow helicopters to spawn into the new Realistic mode and Sim modes.

The game modes just really need work. Game modes that work for lower tier props just dont work well for the modern jets.

This game has so much potential but ancient game modes are really holding it back.

Additionally, if Gaijin created new reserve vehicles, the split of the aviation tree will also give new players a FTP way of getting into supersonic jets without having to grind through a ton of props and early jets. Reserve vehicles for the new tree wouldn’t be necessary though and it could be set up in a similar way to the heli trees.

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World War then Cold War, something I’ve actually been thinking about for a while.

Just… no.

I could get onboard with this tho

At least from what I have seen from that one TTAAB YT’r with the hard to spell name, this is somewhat false (?)

I dont necessarily think the split in gameplay is between world war 2 and cold war. Early cold war jets play really similar to ww2 planes.

I think the split is more around 9.3, 9.7 where supersonics and missiles become very prevalent.

To me, a F-86F2 plays way more similar to a P-51 then it does to an F-104A.

Just curious. Why not?

The mid-air reloading for missiles is the number one reason people prefer Air RB gameplay at the upper tiers and the Air AB matchmaker falls off a cliff.

I dont see a big loss for Air AB players by making them have to fly over their airfield for a reload.

I mean ive been playing since 2012 and have every aircraft in the game. In my opinion, for what it’s worth, Air RB and Air AB play extremely similar at the upper tiers. Obviously there are some differences but Air RB has been heavily altered to resemble an Air AB Lite rather than a mid point between Air AB and Sim.

Mainly because I prefer how AB currently flows, and how ammo is less of a priority. I like being able to reload during or in-between fights, and it actually enables me to go on larger killstreaks.

In regards to TTAAB, Aoeilaeiepae has some very good videos detailing it, and weapon reloading is pretty cruitial to how it works. Bombers would also be pretty majorly effected if it got removed, which I dont really like.

I feel like this would only work and be enjoyable at top tier. Anything lower and it will just be annoying.

Im purely talking about tiers 6, 7 and 8 though. I dont think the low-mid tiers should change.

Its just at these upper tiers, not a lot of people play Air AB and there’s a reason for that.

I am just talking about tiers 6, 7 and 8 per the OP.

Yes, and I believe it will not be a good mechanic below rank 8. At rank 6 and 7, planes sometimes lack a radar, or a don’t have a hood enough radar to make removing the markers work.

Enemy markers are removed in ground RB and it works pretty well.

The only tricky part is if the missile diamonds are removed which is why i said that for Air RB maybe the missile markers can remain active. No missile markers with aim-9m sucks.

But no enemy markers in Ground RB is really nice and really forces you to be situationally aware.

The no friendly markers in Air Sim really sucks so i think friendly markers need to remain on.

Ground RB has most of the action in a small battle space above the ground section of the map, playing without markers in such a large battlespace like an air RB map or EC style map would be a pain for anything without a good radar. It would also cause issues for people with certain graphics settings because it would make spotting low flying aircraft almost impossible for most players. I also think it would be too much for the average player to want to deal with.

No, I don’t want to have to deal with vehicles that can’t be locked by radars, missiles, or IR systems correctly in the primary plane mode. It is annoying enough to deal with that in ground RB where advanced all aspect seekers can’t spot a massive heat signature against the sky but thermal optics can pick them up perfectly from further distances. Maybe if they fixed the radar signatures and made the lock range for advanced IR missiles further than 2km it would be standable.

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They’re supposed to be fixing this issue. It is a problem atm.

I think this is way overblown and everyone would get used to it. It’s not that hard to spot planes and i have a pretty mid PC and monitor.

Would ground targets be marked or would they also be like Sim as well?

It isn’t hard for you to spot planes, but some players can’t notice enemy planes with the markers, let alone without them. I think making it that in depth would be fun for some, but not the average player.

Id personally say ground targets and most objectives should be spotted. Maybe there’s a couple of unspotted objectives like reconnaissance planes that provide extra RP when killing them that can remain unspotted and could be like a fun easter egg hunt in each match but I’d say most, including ground and naval targets should be spotted.

Im sure some would struggle with it but i dont think it would be that bad to get used to.

I wish Gaijin would just add an RB EC mode on top of what we have now but this whole thread was just an idea to kind of maintain the current arcade-realistic-sim game mode lineup we have now.

I honestly think that lineup at this point is dated and stale.

I think a sperate EC mode similar to naval’s (or Air Sim) with these changes to realistic would be great. I enjoy the lack of markers that Sim has, but I don’t want to buy and use a HOTAS to get that experience. I already have a job, I don’t particularly want to have to learn how to fly a plane to enjoy aerial combat.

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