Split leavers' SP to all remaining teamates into a "Backup SP" that is used when "Main SP" runs out and can't be used for nukes or aircraft

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Spawn Points (SP)

I am proposing this system in order to alleviate the impact early leavers have on the game.

What does it do?: As the title states, the “Backup SP” will be a separate SP system that will only be used if the main SP is depleted. i.e. You have 200 “Main SP” left and 300 “Backup SP” left and your light tank respawn costs 300. It will use the 200 “Main SP” first and supplement the remaining SP cost with the “Backup SP”.

How is it split: Of course this should be balanced and tweaked, but generally the leavers’ remaining SP would be split evenly (with positive or negative modifiers) to the rest of the team. For example, if the leaver has 300 SP left with 10 people remaining, each teammate will receive 30 “Backup SP”. If this turns out to be too powerful, there could be a penalty when splitting the SP. i.e. 10% penalty would result in 27 “Backup SP”.

Preventing abuse: “Backup SP” should NEVER be allowed for a nuke for obvious reasons. For aircraft spawns, there could be different approaches:

  1. Disable aircraft spawns with “Backup SP” outright
  2. Allow aircraft spawns with NO armaments AND ONLY default or Air belts with “Backup SP”
  3. Allow aircraft spawns after a period of time. (i.e. 10 minutes)
  4. Allow aircraft spawns with penalty (i.e. 50% penalty. 600 SP cost would require 200 “Main SP” and 800 “Backup SP”)
  5. A combination of the above options
  6. Suggest your own below!

How does this system help?: This system would lessen the stress and load on the remaining players left by early leavers, though not completely as having more teammates on the map is preferable for map control. Leavers leave for various reasons: they have only one premium/squadron vehicle for that BR, or they have a “YouTuber lineup” (i.e. one vehicle, or one tank and one air), or they play a minor nation that has very few vehicles at a specific BR, or they had to leave a game for IRL reasons. Whatever reasons a leaver might have, this system would lessen the punishment on the team.


That’s a smart idea. Additionally to not punishing the leavers while helping the remainers, it gives an extra incentive to stay since you could get extra research and SL that way that you would otherwise be unable to access.

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Exactly, thanks! Yeah I think it’s a win-win situation for all parties involved, even for the stomping team as short games are discouraged by the game. And SP is a vital limited resource that is essentially gone with the wind with the current implementation.

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I cannot tell you how many times I literally needed just 4-40 SP, and left because I couldnt spawn, even after previously getting 1 or 2 kills before my final death