Spitfire Mk.Vb/Trop (Wing Type 2) the new start of italian airforce

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Hi, Guys i know you don’t like copy-paste vehicles, but pls understand that what i’m suggesting is only to help or improve a part of the italian tech tree my last suggestion was about the Division M tank ( the italian Pz.IV G, Pz. III N and StuG III G ), meanwhile we are waiting for our domestic italian vehicles, we can get these.

On 13 October 1943, with the lack of fighters of the Royal Air Force Co-Belligerent for the war of liberation, Gen. Renato Sandalli requested a hundred Spitfires from the Allied forces but was refused, the situation changed on 24 May 1944 thanks to Winston Churchill during a speech in the House of Commons, and more than two months later the Spitfires were delivered, the first Spitfires were the Mk.V.
The Mk. V Spitfires came from the 249th RAF Squadron, which from April to 17 August 1944 was used to train some Yugoslav pilots in anticipation of being assigned to the 352nd Yugoslav Squadron, which was being re-equipped with Mk.XI Spitfires.
The Spitfires Mk. Vs handed over to Italy were the Spitfire F Mk.Vb/Trop (Wing Type 1), Spitfire F Mk.Vb/Trop (Wing Type 2), Spitfire LF Mk.Vb/Trop, Spitfire F Mk.Vb (CW), Spitfire F Mk.Vc/Trop and Spitfire LF Mk.Vc/Trop.
On 15 September 1944, the English Pilots transferred the first Spitfire Mk. Vs to Leverano, the pilots of the 356°Squadriglia, and 360°Squadriglia of the 20°Gruppo began the transition to the Spitfire fighters, which would fly over the Balkans and carry out training missions (some of CAS training with training bomb and normal ones) mainly.
On 5 May 1945, three days before the end of the war in Europe, the Italian Spitfires of the 20°Gruppo carried out reconnaissance missions over Zagreb, Sisak and Popovka. This was the last wartime mission of the Regia Aeronautica.
After the end of World War II, the 20°Gruppo depended operationally on the 281st Wing of the Balkan Air Force in 1945.

The Spitfire F Mk.Vb/Trop (Wing Type 2) is basically a sub variant of the Spitfire Mk.Vb with the difference of the wing that was modified to carry 20mm Hispano Mk.II with a belt magazine instead of
drum magazine and the possibility of carry bombs under the wings and on the fuselage.

Wing B 2°Type

Bomb Rack for the 250 lbs in italian manuals

Maintenance of a Spitfire Mk.Vb/Trop (Type 2 Wing) with bomb rack and 30-gallon detachable ventral tank. Camo Type B with the Italian sign of recognition.


Modification Spitfire Mk.Vb/Trop (Wing Type 2)
Wingspan, m 11.23
Aircraft length, m 9.12
Aircraft height, m 3.49
Wing area, m2 22.48
empty weight, Kg 2.265-2.308
maximum takeoff weight, Kg 3.039-3.311
Engine RR Merlin 45
Maximum speed, km / h 596@ 5.944 m
Stall speed, km / h 115
Stall speed, km / h with flaps and Gears 109
Practical range, km 636
Practical ceiling, m 9.997
Crew, people 1
Primary Armament: 4x Browning (7.7 mm) with 350 ammo each, 2 Hispano Mk.II (20 mm) with a belt gun with 120 ammo each
Secondary Armament: 2x 250 G.P. lbs bombs one under each wing or 1x 250 G.P. lbs bomb under the fuselage or 1x 500 lbs (AN-M58 or G.P.) bomb under the fuselage

The Spitfire Mk.Vb (Wing Type 2) can be a nice addition for italy, with the capacity to do CAS with his 2x 250 lbs on his wings bombs or 1x 500 lbs under the fuselage bomb, and a good offensive armament, the vehicle can be TT after the Re.2001 CN or can be a Squadron or Battle Pass or a Premium

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Personally, I would like to see an original Italian design for the Italian Squadron airplane, but I think it would be a very nice addition to the Tech tree or as a Premium.

+1 for the plane itself. However Italy already has a premium spitfire. For squadron planes I wouldve thought of planes such as G.80, G.82, or an AMX variant. This could serve in the TT.

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    We have only the lower spit model used by Italy in the game, we need additional model, Mk IX e should be the best solution but I will take any addition to the air tree so far.

+1 i would like to play it

-1 tired of copypasted planes

  • 2 since I’m tired to play always the same planes over and over again
    I want more plane in the TT since we used them also if someone considers it copy and paste

it’s impossible to give the developers so many vehicles to do that are more needed than copypasted vehicles that they can do every time, i agree wholehartedly, especially for italy, i don’t play jets but i hate that if i want the F16 i have to play that awful thing that is the F-104

+1 as a premium/event vehicle

Would be fantastic as CAS, and it would be fairly unique in that role

I hope it will come in the tech tree +1