Speculation thread as to the UK's new aircraft for top tier

Might as well do it here and explore the possibilities,

Please do note not all are serious, Brits are known for satire.


F14 with skyflashes supertemp

RNAF F-16 please


Nah rather cf18 cause every tree has a f16 at this point


But then every tree would have a F/A-18 why is top tier so C&P oh yea NATO lol

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F-15 with Foxhunter stage 2 G was studied officially. But obviously thats a very, very long shot and pretty unreasonable.


Oh yea the Singapore F-15 : D

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At least with the aussie f/a it would have a unique loadout to the normal one just for asraam to modeled wrong

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South African Gripen.


Since it has the blue vixen, might as well just give it AMRAAMS


Typing here to follow and build up the hype.

What’s the current consensus for December? Hard to believe a Gripen would be what you’d be given at this point, but sadly perhaps on point for Gaijin and the way they operate.

What’s the second mostly likely? No EAP at this time, no Typhoon, CF-18 seems too far away. Smells like Harrier again to me.


Smin makes it sound like EAP is a complete no-go, not just at this time, but also the future


Based purely off the F-16AJ, I think the F-14(UK) would be the option with the most merit behind it.

The Japanese pilots never actually got to fly the F-16A: https://kokkai.ndl.go.jp/#/detail?minId=108005261X01919770304&spkNum=115&current=496

So when the UK signed a letter of interest with Grumman and made enquiries into buying second hand US Navy F-14 A’s this would actually place it on equal measure with Japan. I believe the British also had a pilot evaluate it but I need to find a good source.


Dig in deeper i doubt this want we will get

Oh no someone will have another hissy fit now


I have way less of a problem with the F-14 than your kiwi F-16. At least the F-14 is in only 1 tree so far and not in 5

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Yep, which is really unfortunate, I wanted it so bad

I like to use precedents set by previous decisions so when people kick off (although sometimes they are indeed right) so I can draw parallels, part of the reason the UK doesn’t get stuff is that the actual community doesn’t like Britain as well as the devs.


I’m sure it will be another EAP moment (I spent more than 20 hours researching it) only for it to get denied due to a technicality. This time it gets an hour at most.

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Its so unbelievebly obvious at this point its super sad, I really really want a reason to grind Britain but between the Ground and Air trees its just not worth it