Panavia Tornado (UK versions) - Technical data and discussion

You and me both mate. If one turns up be sure I’ll get my hands on it. Right now there is a pause on new Tornado docs until the Saudis/Germans/Italians pull their fingers out and retire the old girl.


Depends on the “new Aircraft”

(this is from the perspective of someone who only plays SB)

Sea Harrier FA2 would be an interesting aircraft to get, but would be another missile truck (though at least it would be able to defend itself in WVR)

Tornado F3 having BR appropriate weapons would mean its not instantly DOA.

but im also more than happy with mud moving at the moment. Just need some better aircraft for the job.

Tornado Gr1 being even 50% complete would be amazing

Tornado Gr4 would be hilarious to use

Harrier GR9A would be really interesting

So I’d have no issue with getting another Harrier or Tornado, but they just need to put effort into making sure its:

A) finished
B) competitive

After that, something like the Gripen could be intersting as a Psuedo Typhoon

But if its some random Indian aircraft, then I wont ever play it, no matter what. Even if its the most OP jet in the game by a country mile.


I doubt it, I take their confirmation that we are getting something as meaning for our TT. A C&P Tornado Gr1 that is premium is far from top tier, far from new and would probably kill the British community so badly that they might as well just delete the nation from the game

Yeah it really does.

Im not sure how I feel about Gripen C with only Aim-9Ms. (or aim-9Ls if they really really hate us)

It could be good, but I also seeing it a total pain in the butt in SB. So would really depend on its multirole. SA Gripens were mostly used for Ground attack, so at least it “should” have a decent loadout of ground attack weapons as well.

But if we do get ARH. Then I think personally I would prefer the Sea Harrier FA2. Or at least if we got both, It would be the one I farmed for first. It would also open the door for other aircraft at a higher BR than the Skyslugs allow for.

As for the Premium Tornado IDS though. My god, that is gunna be a powerhouse farmer in SB and I might consider actually getting that. Especially if we ever actually see the Tornados further completed

I hope SAAF JAS39C Gripen would be tech tree after F-4M Phantom FGR.2 at rank VIII

This topic isn’t for new addition speculation. Please shift that talk over to the UK speculation thread.

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I personally think MiG-29K (9.31) from Indian Navy (IN) could be better Gripen C (PS-05/A Mk.3 radar)

But go to this thread

So the premium Tornado was not British XD
And it looks like it doesn’t even have a tgp

Correct its just a premium tornado without any guided ordanance and 9Ls

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WTF? It’s just a Tornado without the GBU’s! Goddamn Gaijin’s really scraping the bottom of the barrel here.

No guided weapons means 11.0 or lower (Dev hinted at it being lower than 11.0 in the RR thread)

That means for a farmer in SB it’s going to be truly OP

@Gunjob what do you know about prototype tornados, gromv said the br would be much lower the 10.7 , so best guess 10.0-10.3.
Besides it not being able to bomb because of F111A i just dont see how they can decrease the br of the tornado that much (without fixing all tornados br)

I don’t think a prototype tornado would be any different from what we have now. The only thing I can think of is max of 7 bombs without the duel racks for the bombs

But the reduction of bombs cant reduce the br that much can it?

It Will only allow you to destroy one base instead of two but the IDS premium has the 12x mk 83’s.

You are saying that like it is possible to destroy 2 bases normaly in the first place lol

More EC maps would definitely alleviate most of the bomber problems

Or just add in the 30s base respawn again, which apparently was a “bug”

It’s a development/test airframe to my knowledge so that could mean anything from the basic dumb bomb loadouts to more exotic weapons. But if Grom is aiming for 10.7-11.0 then I’d expect just the basic dumb bombs.

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Its only basic bombs problem is grom is aiming for a br of 10.0-10.3 thats what confuses us