[Special] Vautour IIN returns for the anniversary of its maiden flight!

After WWII ended, France sought to rebuild its air force. In need of an aircraft that could serve in many roles: a multi-purpose bomber, fighter and interceptor, SNCASO took one of their prototypes to fit these requirements. This is where the Vautour was born, taking to the skies on October 16th, 1952!

The Vautour IIN is available for Golden Eagles!

When: From October 16th (12:00 GMT) until October 18th (07:00 GMT).

Where: France > Aviation > Premium vehicles.

About the aircraft

The Vautour IIN is a bomber that is capable of carrying a wide range of ordnance! These range from bombs and unguided rockets to use against ground vehicles, including deadly AS-30 and 20 Nord air-to-ground missiles. Coupled with 4 x 30 mm DEFA cannons as well as AA-20 Nord air-to-air missiles to use against aircraft, the Vautour IIN certainly packs an impressive punch in all roles!


maybe make the real vautour flight model (heavyfighter, slightly worse than mig 19 but capable of dogfighting them and not fucking heavy bomber) to start with? The vautour is by far the worse aircraft in the entire game. It’s unplayable, it can’t evade missiles, and to top it off, it’s overbred and faces mig21s and mach 2 jets.


Having owned the original French premium Vautour that went to Israeli everyone should stay far away from the premium Vautours.
The loss of an airspawn was a massive blow to this and with your anemic top speed and complete lack of manueverability you will be arriving to the battlefield after the fight has started and you can’t evade or outrun most things you’ll encounter.
Punching bags aren’t fun to play.


nice, now we can easily compare how broken is the 2n late’s flight model in comparison to this

Does this mean no devblog today?

The top speed isn’t anemic for its BR, that’s a problem for the whole BR bracket. It outruns almost everything that’s below its BR, and alot of things on its own BR.
The whole point of them losing their airspawn is probably that they were at the bases before any supersonics had a chance to intercept them, and Gaijin has a history of getting rid of free RP handouts.

That being said, they still work fine if you go wide and swoop in for the bases after the furball has formed. Especially now that bases respawn in under a minute.

Tbf people should also stay away from TT vautours…

It is more of a pigeon than a vulture in game, it does not turn, can only go straight to death!

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It’s downright comical that these are still at 9.0 - badly in need of a BR reduction, especially now that they lost their air spawn.