Special Tasks getting ridiculos?

100 Assists ? are you serious ? What is going on ,did anyone else noticed that the Special Tasks are a joke recently ,or is personalised somehow ?


It is in naval battles. You doing very more easier assists in naval. Sometimes easier than making a kill.

So? It still takes u at least 10 games to make 100 assists, most likely 15 games for a single tasks, some tasks i can make them in one game, some in 5 or 7 but 15?? Be reasonable pls

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This one looks fairly easy, but monotonous and time-consuming.
You’d get it eventually. But it would take… 10? 20? Battles, depending on how active You’d be in them. I guess more than 100 battles won’t be needed.



stop trolling , i am not here for advices , i am here to rise awareness to this BS



Oh no you need to play game to get reward, thats terrible.

Dude, its called special task for a reason.

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If you are such a pro veteran player who can do tasks with eyes closed, why are you making so much drama about 100 assists? xD Especially in naval where you get assists just for playing…


… or, you know, just change the task?

Plenty on there that are far less efficient than others.
“Veterans” should know the ones that are worth the time and those that arent.

OP probably spent more time coming in here to be angry than it would have taken to finish the task.


not really i only get half the assists even when i dealt tons of damage to the ship shooting at it for 5 minutes


The problem lies on the fact that War Thunder the game has a VERY SHITTY Battlepass system.

They are literally here to make life hard, other game battlepass are “Play battle and get points to level up in battle pass and get these rewards, to get extra rewards you may get to make extra point here’s some stuff that you can do to boost your progress, or buy level if you’re strapped for time but store a wad of cash around”.

So how does this game execute the concept of Battlepass? let me explain.
“I will give you shitty reward, you will accept it, how to gain points? logging in, doing these specific shit, and doing more specific shit with no time limit, how to do these more specific shit? finish the specific shit and we’ll give you token, you may not like the mission but you can reroll, however you must waste in-game currency to do it, the same currency that can be used to pay for modification, repair, crew training or equipment acquisition, oh and you can only sell the reward if you spend $15 on battlepass. while other games like valve games will let you sell your possesion without shitty coupons”.

It’s horrible, it is the first time that a game can be worse than Dota in terms of team cohesion, worse than Call of Duty in terms of progression, and worse gameplay loop than CSGO thrive so hard.


BattlePass in this game was designed as a pure money grab nothing else.

Don’t buy it your rewards and advancement slows to a crawl, not spending the money is designed to be painful.


You only need to pay for BP once.

Then it’s just a matter of getting to L125 each time and it’s completely free.

Of course some time needs to be spent doing the daily tasks, but if a player has a diverse mix of efficient BP task vehicles (across several nations), is willing to play at least air/ground and has paid attention to all the tips/advice people have provided over the years re best ways to do the various tasks or the tasks to avoid, then they don’t take that long.

For me, it’s usually a couple of hours per day max, but it can be far less when I’m able to align the tasks together and/or incorporate with whatever I am already doing in the game at the time.

Log in every day, do the daily/medium/specials and half of the weekly challenges and that is enough to get to 125. Carry on beyond that and you can load up on War Bonds.

Definitely worth the time in my view… just for logging in and playing as I ordinarily would (mostly), I get 3 free BP premiums, lots of SL, boosters and enough WB to buy another 1-2 premiums and/or talisman from the shop every 3 months.

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Easy daily rank 2.
Play 5 games finishing top 3.
Sure that’s standard.

Oh well, best get to it then.

Quoting good old Yoda here: “This is why you fail.”

Still, I’ll post another advice: You can always switch the task - also Special Tasks.

Some tasks are quite challenging, others much simpler. And often they depend a lot on your preferred playstyle and skill.

As to this specific one, 100 assists are quite ok to achieve, especially in Bluewater.n gettign the kills is more challenging.

Some days there are easy and medium tasks you can complete in one game. But there are days where even a easy task can take hours to complete.

Special tasks take 2-3 hours for me.