Special Task "Steppe Spider" bugged

I have to kill one BR higher at least (or 2 BR) a type of vehicle of the same time and this twice. i have 1/2 but it doesnt work with my 5.3 or 6.0 plane in a BR 9 match. i got now at least 10 times “skill matters” by shooting a Jet with my J7W1 in Japan tree or even helis. Just now i had a match BR 7 and used my A6M5 KO and killed a jet again with the message “skill matters” and it just doesnt count.

It could be that your team lost in those matches. It doesn’t work if you lose.

oh yea might be, i am playing like 4 hours and 90% we lost…i just changed the task because its every day like this in BR 9 as Japan…thx for the reply