Special personal offer

I don’t want to say too much to the developers, but what’s the point of repeatedly being offered a premium tank when I’ve been playing exclusively aircraft for 10 years?


To get you into ground battles?

Mine are always Helicopters - which I’ve not used at all for a couple of years, and only a few attempts at training on them before then.

Or just a botched algorithm.

Come to the dark side … we have tanks :-P

They float. They ALL float…

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Probably, since they also give you the same discount coupon 5 times in a row.

There is no algorithm. Special offer just give you random premium vehicle…

Especially when they offer -30% while it’s -50% few times a year on sales

Well, so they did even less work than I expected.

The thing is they don’t offer 30% … maybe on the vehicle but they put useless stuff on top and demand even more GE for that …

That often happens when you expectations are wrong

Their offers are a waste of time and money all you get is a premium vehicle, two boosters, and 500,000 SL. The vehicles they offer are the garbage ones no one wants, you can literally get two better boosters in 30 minutes, and there’s plenty of ways to make twice the amount of SL.

Mine are all for nations I have 0 interest to ever consider playing

I would consider buying premium but due to them including SL and Boosters which increases the GE amount…not even worth. I just want the premium, not the others.

A rework? This seems to be a real offer that got me almost.