Spawns/spawncamping, possible solution?


Here is how i think spawns should work, mainly inspired by the frontline mode in Torld of Wanks.

I think the whole area, or 5ish spots (size dependent) behind the edge of the map should be able to be spawned from. (And/Or envelope some of the current spawn area)

And to be prevent spawn shooting into this area there could whatever fits the map region, trees/bushes, hills, buildings, etc.

The main prevention method is that in the picture, the red line, is an indicator and short timer to vacate the premises or be rained on by poweful artillery, shortly resulting in destruction. Along side this, tanks in the spawn zone cannot be scouted.

Another benefit is that when one team has pushed to the spawn, the other team can still create cross fire or flank the attackers. Possibly turning the tide and breaking out of their spawn, maybe getting a comeback win, instead of the current situation, where you get surrounded and the spawn campers have all the shot angles.

The frontline mode is quite popular, and War Thunders gameplay is very similar to it, with smaller maps, so maybe take a page from their book and implement a better spawn system.

What do you guys think?


Don’t let the other team get in a position to spawn camp.


That is no the point. The point is that after it happens you need to NOT spawn… and that is simply bad (specially for players that do not have CAS). An extended spawn area (or even spawn points further behidn the lines that are enabled after soem minutes in the match could easily mitigate this and extendthe fun time of the match.

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Thx for the effort you put into this.
I think the best prevention to spawn camping is play better. Not you … the whole team. We all know how good this works but it is the ugly truth. Almost every 2nd match right from the beginning 80% of the team goes on one flank and fail to spread over the whole map to prevent that small fast tanks can slip through.
And the best thing … you got in most battles two spawn points. I still don’t get it why people tend to spawn right into the camped area … again and again and again.
I see many many questions to change certain game mechanics. It could be so easy if players start to change but that would mean that they are able to accept they could be part of the problem.

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I believe it is the point. Spawn camping tends to be viewed as a bad thing and it is not - it is the result of using proper tactics and finding holes in the other team’s defense to gain an advantage. Pretty much the basic concept of any strategy game.

I am not a fan of the current trend with WT to dumb down the game with placing off limits areas to prevent sniping, etc. … efforts that are apparently designed to level the playing field for all involved. What’s next? Preventing players from ambushing the other team by sitting just outside a cap and waiting for them to arrive with tunnel vision fully activated?

IMHO, players should learn effective strategies instead of handicapping those that have.


IT is a game, if you need to sit waitning the game to end without spawn, it FAILS AS A GAME!

Simple as that! Anything that prevents you from playing (remember you cannot go back to garage without having your vehicles locked) is BAD DESIGN!

What you are fan or not does not matter on the fact that a game must be FUN for people to continue to play it. This is not dumb down, this is the fact hat the game is NOT PLAYABLE after both spawns are camped. That is BAD GAME.

Everytime someoen has to sit and wait the game timemr ends whiel unable to span they risk losing an user.

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IT is a strategy game pitting users against users. If both spawns of a team are camped as you mentioned then a team has certainly failed with it’s strategy not by a bad design of the game.

I would tend to agree with your point if we were discussing a single player shooter game.

As for simply dismissing my opinion because it does not meet your definition of “FUN” then no sense in having a circular discussion and I’ll end my participation with “we agree to disagree”.


I like the idea. I’ve often thought something similar might help, similar to World In Conflict’s spawn system, where you can pick a spawn location on the map from a given area. It’d do well against breaking or even resisting spawn camping.

It’d help against people who rush to spawn camping spots also.

Although we wouldn’t be having this discussion in the first place if Gaijin knew how to make maps.

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Make players invisible to enemies until they leave an area slightly larger than spawn. Another is, don’t put spawns down in a hole, I noticed you used maginot line as an example for this, which is perfect for my example as well, the spawns are down low, the enemy gets to your spawn, your not pushing out without air support or insane luck. But let’s be honest, Gaijin map designers make some maps feel so useless and stupid, even when I get them, I will most likely just leave the match to not have to deal with it, I personally hate 38th parallel for example, I leave almost every time.


I am not dismissing your opinions because of my definition> I am dimissing your lack of notion that his is a businness and if people get bored they leave.

The invisible instead of invulnerable is nice (also get visible as soon as you open fire)

And if the game looses more players due to possible changes to spawns?

In the 0.001% chance that happens, it probably means everyone’s a spawn camping POS

My point is that we as players got effective tools to prevent that spawn camping happens. It has become a typical habit that humans try to change the surroundings instead of checking first what they can change in their behaviour.
Don’t missunderstand me I suffer from spawn camping too. But I will never complain about the enemies do that. The reason spawn camping happens are tactical issues and sometimes balance issues that aren’t fixed.
Players tend too often to ask for changes so they don’t need to change. Most changes lead to more “easy” casual gameplay with a lack of challenge. As soon as some players click “to battle” they put their brain into standby and stop use it. Rush to cap, die and wonder why the enemies are within no time on their spawn.
We as players should be sometimes be careful with the things we ask for.
I played WoT for 3 years. After 8 years I took a look what they changed. Holy … what a crap.
I just want to point out that I’m not against changes and that I’m really open for good propositions.
For me it is important to show solutions … even if they sometimes taste bad because they hit right into the emotions of others.


There are a multitude of maps that allow sniping of spawn from about the half way point on maps or even farther (battle of hurtgen, carpathians). It is part of what of what causes ODLs and one sided games. It is bad design


Did you ever try the frontline mode, the community loves that mode, it keeps coming back

Compared to other trash modes they tried

Exactly, I dont like that its almost required to get end game kills that feel cheap

And no one enjoys the less than 5 minute match that occurs because one guy is spawn camping hogging the fun

I play computer games for 30 years, never ever saw anyone complain that a game does not allow spawn camping. There is very likely a good reason for that.

Why not just have an impenetrable barrier

I play for 30 years too. Do you remember Söldner Secret Wars? I never thought that spawn camping is an issue. For me it always happend because the team made a mistake. But I said this before …
I can accept that you don’t like spawn camping and you want a solution. I hope you can accept that I see solutions that we can do right now without asking for workarounds.